5 Drills to Improve your Split Leap

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One of the biggest things you can practice right now while you’re home are all your dance elements. Your split leap is one of the most important dance elements as it’s in every floor and beam routine!

We’ve put together 5 drills that are effective for improving your split leap. You can practice these drills daily and add them to your daily at home gymnastics routine.

To watch the full video with all 5 drills, scroll down to the bottom.

Drill #1: Kick Pass

This Kick Pass includes three different kicks – forwards, backwards, and sidewards. Start with forward alternating kicks. Keep your arms up and your legs straight with pointed toes. Then kick backwards with your arms overhead. End with side kicks with your arms out to the side.

Drill #2: Needle Kicks

Start in a straight stand with your arms above your head. Bending at the hips, lower your upper body so that you can touch the floor, as one leg kicks behind you. Step forward with that leg, and repeat with other leg. Try to keep your legs and upper body completely straight.

Drill #3: Alternating Split Leaps

Do alternating split leaps in a row trying to get both legs to look the same. You will be leaping with your right leg, and then immediately with your left, then right, etc. Focus on maintaining good form and an even split in the air.

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Drill #4: Leap The Creek

Set two jump ropes (or any other rope-like thing in your house) about a foot apart. Stand on one foot with your dominant leg raised slightly in front of you. “Leap” over the ropes so that you land on your dominant leg with the other leg raised behind you. You want to go from standing on one foot to standing on the other. Make sure you keep your legs straight and point your feet in the air.

Drill #5: Straight Leg Skips

To do a straight leg skip lift one leg to horizontal and push through the other foot to jump off the ground. Land and hold for 1 second. Then step forward, lift the other leg to horizontal and push through your bottom foot to jump off the ground.


To watch the full video of all 5 exercises, check out the video below:


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