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Hi, My name is Jessica and welcome to GymnasticsHQ, the Gymnastics Headquarters. I started GymnasticsHQ in 2011, with the goal of being the best gymnastics resource for parents and gymnasts. I will try to help you set and reach your gymnastics goals.

I was a gymnast growing up, taught gymnastics for 8 years and judged gymnastics for 10. So, basically–I love the sport!

More on My Relationship with Gymnastics

I was in the gym constantly growing up and all through college–either doing gymnastics, coaching or judging. While in college I ran my gym’s summer camp. And I wasn’t the only one in my family constantly in the gym-my mom is a level 10 gymnastics judge and my sister was a level 9 gymnast before going on to compete club gymnastics for Clemson.

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My sister and I at the Olympic Trials in San Jose, CA.

Why I started Gymnastics HQ

Gymnastics can be a confusing sport. My goal is to relay gymnastics information in a way that is easy to understand.

Maybe you:

  • are interested, or have a child that is interested in starting gymnastics
  • are trying to improve and move to the next gymnastics level
  • want to know the skills you need to learn before you can progress to the next level
  • have a question about gymnastics that you need help answering
  • want to set goals for yourself, and want help staying motivated

If you are any of those things, I’ve created GymnasticsHQ to try to help you!

I hope that you will find the answers to all your questions on this website, but if I haven’t–feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

5 Facts About Me

  1. I’m a Tarheel, I graduated from UNC.
  2. While I’m from North Carolina, I live in NY for my day job.
  3. I love country music.
  4. I wish I still did gymnastics, but instead I jog most days in order to stay fit.
  5. I still have pictures of gymnasts I taught on the wall in my bedroom at my parents house.

Want to be featured on Gymnastics HQ? Send me Your Photos!

Also, I like to use photos of real gymnasts on Gymnastics HQ–in other words, YOU! More information here.

My email is gymnastics hq @gmail.com (without the spaces).

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