Gymnastics Party: Ideas & Supplies for a Great Home or Gym Party

gymnastics partyAre you looking to throw an AMAZING gymnastics party?

If so, you can either:

Have your gymnastics party at a gymnastics gym. Many gymnastics gyms have pre-set packages for purchase if you want them to do a lot of the work.

Or, have the party at home.

But regardless,

Here are some things to think about and ideas (invitations, favors, supplies) for when you plan your gymnastics party. Check out 20 Gymnastics Party Ideas for more ideas and inspiration.

With the 2016 Olympics coming up in Rio, you might be interested in throwing an Olympic-Themed Gymnastics Party.

Things to Think About When Planning Your Gymnastics Party

Age: One thing to think about when you are planning your gymnastics party is the age of your guests. A gymnastics party for 2 year-olds will be quite different from a gymnastics party for older team girls. The decorations, invitations, supplies will all be different based on the gymnasts age.

Location: The other thing  to think about is the location- are you having it at the gym or at home?

Having a Gymnastics Birthday Party at a Gym

Purchasing a gymnastics birthday party package is great for many reasons-the entertainment is provided, it’s held at a gym, and the kids can have a lot of fun. Obviously you could have one of these parties if it’s not a birthday, but many gyms will expect it to be a birthday.

What to Expect?

All gyms will structure their birthday parties slightly differently, but from what I’ve seen most of them have these elements in common. The party will be at the gym and usually includes an hour of an instructor leading the kids through activities. They will usually be in the gym first with time for cake and/or presents after. Many times they swing on the rope, jump on the trampoline, and do other instructor-led activities. While they are playing, parents can watch if they choose to from either inside or outside the gym (depending on gym rules). Most of the time you will provide the refreshments. Some gyms will require the kids to sign release forms, but not all of them will.

gymnastics party supplies

Happy Birthday Gymnastics BannerThis super cute “Happy Birthday” banner with gymnasts on it is handmade and can be personalized with your gymnast’s age.

Personalized Pink Gymnast Plates: These pink and white plates can be personalized with your gymnast’s name.

Peace, Love, Gymnastics Cupcake Toppers: These cupcake toppers are a cute way to add some gymnastics decor to your party.

Gymnastics Star Birthday Supplies Set: These pink and purple gymnastics plates, cups and napkins are perfect for any gymnastics party.

Gymnastics Chalkboard Poster: This handmade chalkboard poster is a great way to decorate your gymnast’s party, as well as remember it in the future.

Glitter Gymnast Cupcake ToppersThese glitter cupcake toppers come in many different colors.

Party Supplies You Will Need to Provide

  • Snacks: Whether or not you will want to provide a meal or just some light snacks will probably depend on how long you have the party room for. If you only have the party room for 30 minutes, you might only have time for light snacks and cake. If you do want to provide a meal for the kids,  you will either need to bring the meal or have something delivered. Pizza is a popular option. If you are bringing something that needs refrigeration (like icecream), you will need to make sure ahead of time that you will have access to a refrigerator. 
  • Birthday Cake and a knife to cut the cake
  • Paper products: forks, plates, napkins, cups
  • Decorations: balloons, streamers, banners, table decorations
  • Party Favors (This link takes you to a list of Gymnastics Party Goody Bag Ideas)


gymnastics party invitations

Gymnastics Party Invitations

Regardless of whether you have the party at a gym or at your house, you will need invitations!

The above invitations are some that I found that I think are cute. They are:

Let’s tumble, jump & play Invitation: Love this black handmade invitations where you can have your gymnast’s photo included if you would like

Tumble and Jump Your Way: These “Tumble and jump your way” invites are handmade so they can be customized

You’re Invited: Simple “You’re Invited!” pink and purple gymnastics invites

Tumble & Plan Invitation: Cute “Please join us to Tumble & Play as we celebrate” polka dot invites

Pink Personalized Invitations: These bright and simple invitations can be personalized with your gymnast’s name

Gymnastics Typography Invitation: I love these gymnastics typography invitations for an older girls party, birthday or any other party!

Information to Include:

  • Occasion- is it a birthday party, a team party or some other occasion
  • Dress Code- if it’s being held at a gym you can let them know what to wear- either a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt is fine
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • RSVP number or email
  • If it’s being held at a gym you might also want to mention if the parents are allowed to stay and watch or not

Gymnastics Party Favor Ideas

gymnastics party favors

You will want to send your party guests home with something to remember your party with! If you are doing some kind of craft activity at your party then your craft can double as a favor. If not you will want to have something else.

  • Gymnastics Water Bottles
  • Gym Bag Tags
  • Gymnastics Medal
  • Gymnastics Stickers
  • Gymnastics Tote Bag

Check out all the gymnastics party favor ideas in the picture above, plus more here– Gymnastics Party Favor Ideas.

Gymnastics Party Activities

  • Watch a gymnastics movie- If you’re having a gymnastics party sleepover, a great activity is to watch a gymnastics movie like Stick It.
  • Decorate Grip Bags- A cute activity for older gymnasts that use grips would be to get fairly plain grip bags like these and decorate them with fabric paint.
  • Decorate Water Bottles
  • Color gymnastics coloring sheets

Gymnastics Thank You Cards

Of course once you have your gymnastics party, you will need to either thank your guests for attending, or thank them for their gift.

gymnastics thank you cards

Rainbow Gymnastics Thank You Card: This fill in the blank rainbow gymnastics thank you card would work for gymnasts of any age.

Chalkboard Style Black Thank  You Cards: These chalkboard-style thank you cards can be personalized with your gymnast’s name.

Pink & Purple Fill in the Blank Thank You Cards: These pink and purple fill-in-the-blank thank you cards are great for young gymnasts.

Colorful Thank You Card: This colorful fill in the blank thank you card is great for little ones.

Thank You Stickers: These “Thank You for tumbling with me!” stickers can be personalized.

I hope this information was helpful in helping you plan your gymnastics party–for more inspiration check out my gymnastics party pinterest board.

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