Gymnastics Activity Bingo

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gymnastics activity bingo

We are all looking for more gymnastics activities to do right now! See how many of these you can do. We’ve listed some helpful hints and downloads for some of the activities below.

Download your activity board. Tag us on social media with pics/videos of you doing these activities! Have fun!

gymnastics activity bingo

Domino Releve Walk– You can see it in this 5 Gymnastics Challenges Video.

Sissones–  A sissone is similar to a split jump but you are jumping from two feet, splitting in the air, and landing on your front foot. You can see them at 44 seconds in this video. See if you can connect at least 5!

Spiderman Handstand– Here are some instructions for how to do a spiderman handstand.

Mantra– You can download some of our gymnastics mantras and then make your own.

Skilltrakker 300 Kick Weekend Challenge– This is one of the drills we do in SkillTrakker to improve active flexibility. Do 25 Kicks forwards, backwards and sideways on one leg, and then do them on the other leg. Repeat the next day.

GymnasticsHQ Coloring Sheet– Here is where you can download some of GymnasticsHQ’s gymnastics coloring sheets.

1,000 Handstands– Download a helpful 1,000 Handstand skill challenge sheet to help you keep track!

Leap the Creek– Here is a video of how to play leap the creek.

If you are looking for other things to fill your time away from the gym, make sure to sign up for our SkillTrakker 30 Day Split Leap Challenge.


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