Getting Started

I've put together a list of 10 exercises you can do at home to improve your gymnastics skills. You might be thinking: It's impossible for me to work on my gymnastics skills at home because I don't have any gymnastics equipment. Here's the deal: It's not. The list below has gymnastics exercises you can do at… Read More →

AAU Gymnastics is amateur gymnastics in the US. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union.  AAU Gymnastics is a separate gymnastics league than USA Gymnastics. Generally gymnasts only compete in one league or the other in a given year. While traditionally most gymnastics in the US has been through the USA gymnastics league, AAU gymnastics has been gaining in… Read More →

There are two types of gymnastics levels in the Junior Olympic (JO) Program: compulsory and optional. Compulsory gymnastics consists of specific routines that the gymnast must learn exactly. This is done in gymnastics levels 1-5. USA gymnastics created the routines with the goal that the gymnasts have a strong gymnastics foundation before advancing to the optional… Read More →