5 Handstand Drills for Beginners

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Here are 5 handstand drills for beginners- although really gymnasts of all ages and levels can benefit from the drills in this video!

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Handstand Drills for Beginners

Lunges: There are 3 parts to this drill-

  • Legs together, T, legs together- this is to practice the “T” shape you want when you are entering and exiting your handstand. Start in a straight stand with your legs together, then move to the “T” shape with one leg up and your arms next to your ears. Then return to a straight stand.
  • Lunge, T, Lunge- This is to practice the “T” shape from a lunge. You want to start and end your handstands in a lunge.
  • Lunge, T, Handstand, T, Lunge- Now actually do the handstand and just enter and exit by moving through the “T” shape.

Standing Handstand Shape with a T-Shirt– Hold a t-shirt over your head while standing with your legs together. We are going to practice the straight-body handstand shape that you want. Squeeze your bottom, and your stomach and grow tall by pulling your arms up even farther. 

Open Shoulder Walks- Forwards, Backwards and Side to Side– This handstand drill will help you practice staying in a really tight body position–which you need to hold your handstand. Get in a plank position and then move your feet slightly back to open up your shoulders more. Then walk forwards, backwards and side to side.

Spiderman Against the Wall– This is one of our favorite handstand drills to do because you can use the wall to make sure you get in a completely straight body position.

Handstand Shaping on the Ground– Lay on the ground on your stomach. Tighten up your muscles so that your chest and arm pits come off the floor in a really tight hollow body position.


We will be doing these drills plus more in the upcoming 30 Day Handstand Challenge starting on Monday! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you will do some great drills that will help you hold your handstand longer and take more steps!

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