Gymnastics Drills with a Beam

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Are you planning on gifting your gymnast a gymnastics low beam for Christmas, but not sure what drills your gymnast will be able to do on it ?

We asked some of our GymnasticsHQ Ambassadors to show us their favorite drills to do on their beam at home to improve their beam skills.

You can check out our home gymnastics equipment guide, but our favorite low beam is this suede beam.

Gymnastics Beam Drills

  1. Relevé Walks: Being able to walk in high relevé is one of the most important beam skills. You can practice your relevé walks over something on the beam (like dominos) to make it more fun.
  2. Single Leg Relevé Hold Half Turn: Hold your high relevé with one leg, with the other in passé and then do a half turn. This drill helps you practice that tight high relevé body position.
  3. Pivot Turn with Something on Your Head: This is a fun drill to practice your tight relevé body position while doing a pivot turn. Balance something on your head and see if you can do a pivot turn without it falling off.
  4. Lunge T Lunge: Do a lunge, and then a “T” shape, and then a lunge again to practice your form for your handstands. This is the entry and exit of many gymnastics skills on beam.
  5. Hand Placement Drill with Handstands: Practice the hand placement you will use in back handsprings and other more advanced skills, by placing your hands that way in a handstand.

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