Gymnastics Drills with a Bar

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Are you planning on gifting a gymnastics bar for Christmas, but not sure what drills your gymnast will be able to do on it ?

We asked some of our GymnasticsHQ Ambassadors to show us their favorite drills to do on their bar at home to improve their bar skills.

You can check out our home gymnastics equipment guide, but our favorite home bar is the Junior Bar Pro and we like this pull-up bar.

Gymnastics Bar Drills

The drills in this video are:

  1. Straight Arm Front Support to Cast: This drill is great for learning that nice tight body position you need for casts, cast handstands and kips. You want to make sure you are squeezing your bottom and stomach muscles.
  2. Cast Hold: This is another great drill for learning how to hold the body position you need to do cast handstands and then giants. You want to make sure you are squeezing your bottom and stomach muscles so that you prevent wiggling and moving.
  3. Hollow Rocks & Arch Rocks: You need to be able to do a tight hollow position and a tight arch position in order to be able to do a giant on bars. Practice doing these and rocking on the ground to master your body position and get stronger.
  4. Hollow Hold & Arch Hold: You also need to be able to hold your tight hollow and arch positions. Try to hold for 10 seconds, working your way up to a minute.
  5. Leg Lifts & Tuck Ups: Leg lifts and tuck ups are great strength exercises. You need to have a lot of core strength, as well as arm strength to excel on bars.

Also check out some drills you can do to improve your beam skills.


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