Part 2: Can You Do These 5 Gymnastics Challenges?

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We’re back with another edition of “Can You Do These 5 Gymnastics Challenges”!

These are fun challenges that test your gymnastics strength and body control.

See how many of these you can do! Tag us on instagram if you can do them (@gymnasticshq)!

Here are the 5 challenges:

#1: Spiderman T-Shirt Challenge

For this challenge you need to put on an extra t-shirt over your leotard and you need a wall you can do a handstand against. Go up in a Spiderman handstand (belly facing wall) and try to put your t-shirt on over your head. Then try to take it off, all while remaining in your Spiderman Handstand.

#2: Ice Cup Challenge

You will need a plastic cup filled with ice. Lay down on your back on the ground and place the cup of ice on your belly. Push up into a bridge while trying to keep the ice in the cup. Then lower yourself down. Try not to spill any of the ice over.

#3: Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes Challenge

You can do this against the wall or without a wall, depending on how comfortable you feel. Try to touch your head first, and then your shoulders, then your knees, and then your toes ALL without coming out of your handstand. Good Luck! This one is tough.

#4: Simone Biles Challenge

For this challenge you will need to wear a pair of sweatpants over your shorts or leotard. You will kick up into a handstand and without coming down, try to pull your sweatpants off using your feet.

#5: Press Handstand Clock Challenge

Starting in a handstand, slowly straddle your legs and lower them down trying to pause briefly at each set of numbers on a clock (for example, 11 and 1, 10 and 2, etc). Do not put your feet down on the ground when you get to the bottom. Rather, immediately change direction and press your legs back up to a handstand trying to hit those same clock numbers on the way up!


Good Luck with these challenges. Tag us on instagram if you can do them or comment below. For our first challenges video, check out “Can You Do These Five Gymnastics Challenges.”


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