Backyard Gymnastics Workout You Can Do At Home

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Many gymnasts are still home and need workouts to do to stay in gymnastics shape until their gym opens or reopens fully. We’ve put together a backyard gymnastics workout you can do at home outside this summer! Nothing better than getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine while also staying fit and moving your body.

You can watch the video or we’ve listed the workout below. Enjoy!

We’ve included numbers for the exercises in case you want them, but feel free to do any amount you want and have fun with it!

Here is the workout:


Warm Up/Conditioning:

Jumping Jacks – Do 15 (beg), 20 (int), 30 (adv)

Stretch Touch Toes- Keep your legs straight. Point your feet. Do a straddle and then a pike stretch. 

Sprints- Run as fast as you can across your backyard. Do 5x (beg), 8x (int) or 10x

Plank Mountain Climber/Plank Jacks-  Keep your body as tight as possible. Do 5x (beg), 10x (int) or 15x (adv) each. 


Dance Passes

Walk in Relevé – Stay as tight as possible with legs straight. Walk Forwards & Backwards. Do 1 pass each (beg), 2 passes each (int) or 3 passes each (adv)

Chassés- Stay as tight as possible with legs straight. Walk Forwards & Backwards. Do 1 pass each (beg), 2 passes each (int) or 3 passes each (adv)

Chassé Step Leaps- Chassé with your dominant leg, step with your other foot and then leap with your dominant leg. Push through your legs and see how high you can get! Do 6x (beg), 10x (int), or 12x (adv)

Skips- Push through your legs and point your feet! Do 1 pass across your backyard. 

Hitch Kicks- Keep your legs straight and point your feet! Do 5x (beg), 10x (int), or 15x (adv)


Acro Skills

Handstands- Keep your legs straight and point your feet! Hold as long as you can with good form. Do 8x (beg), 12x (int), or 15x (adv)

Cartwheels- Keep your legs straight and arms by your ears! Do 8x (beg), 12x (int), or 15x (adv)


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