Air Beam Gymnastics Workout

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We put together an air beam workout for you that focuses on drills to improve your beam skills. If you don’t have an air beam, you can do it on a regular low beam.

1st Round- Focusing on Getting off the Beam

These drills are good for helping you learn to jump and leap higher.

Single Leg Hops Alternating legs

Make sure you are pushing hard through your bottom leg so you can get as high off the beam as possible.

Small Straight Body Punches

Make sure you keep a tight body position by squeezing your bottom and core.

Straight Jumps with Left Leg in Front & then Right Leg 

Keep a tight body position and push through your legs. Goal is to get higher each time.

Straight Jumps Down and Back

You want to squeeze your bottom and core so that you can move down the beam without wobbling side to side.

Jump ½ Turn

Squeeze your core tight, and bend your knees when you land to do them without bobbling.

Bonus Exercise: Jump Full Turn


2nd Round- Leap Drills & Leaps

These drills will help you learn to leap bigger and higher.

Needle Kicks

Try to keep your legs completely straight and only bend at the waist.


You want to push through the leg you are stepping on to get as high off the beam as you can.

Step Step Leap

Once you get the sequence down, try to make the steps faster so that you can use them as punching steps to get higher off the beam.

Chassé Step Leap

After you learn the sequence, you want to make the chassé and the step fast so that you can get higher off the beam for your leap. Start your chassé with your dominant leg, step with your “bad leg” and then leap with your dominant leg.

Flutter Kicks

Keep your legs squeezed tight and point your feet hard when they come off the beam.

Bonus Exercise: Baby Switch Leaps or Switch Leaps


3rd Round- Handstands & Drills

These drills are designed to help you improve your beam tumbling skills.

Handstands to Relevé Hold

You want to land one foot right behind the other and squeeze your legs to get in a tight body hold.

Handstand to Knee

The goal of this drill is to practice having square hips (hips centered over the beam) when you land your acro skills.

Cartwheel to Relevé Hold

Squeeze your core and bottom when you land your cartwheel to stay tight in your relevé hold.

Cartwheel to Knee

This is another drill you can do to practice having square hips (hips centered over the beam) when you land your acro skills.

Bonus Exercise: Backwalkover to Knee


Hope you have enjoyed this air beam workout! Leave us a comment with the next workout you want us to make!


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