7 Successful Instagram Gymnasts Share Their Best Advice

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Gymnastics is such a fun sport, but it’s also super challenging. It can be so inspiring to watch elite gymnasts compete at national competitions (I mean, who doesn’t love watching the Olympics?!), and they definitely serve as great motivation to keep practicing and setting goals you can work toward. It can also be helpful to get inspiration from gymnasts who aren’t quite at the elite level, but are working hard to get there.

I’ve found some incredible gymnasts on Instagram who serve as great inspiration and motivation to work on your own skills. I reached out to several of these gymnasts who have some fantastic accounts on Instagram (with really big followings). I definitely recommend following these athletes for daily content that will get you dreaming big and working hard. I asked these gymnasts if they could share some advice for anyone who is just starting out but has big goals they want to achieve. Keep reading for what they had to say!

1. Stay positive and be patient with yourself.

gymnasts on instagram advice

Karina (@gymnast.karina.xis a 14-year-old gymnast living in the UK. Follow her account for awesome skills, inspirational quotes and video tutorials!


2. Find outside sources of inspiration when you’re struggling.

gymnasts on instagram advice

Violet (@itsflippinvioletis an 8-year-old gymnast and a Level State Champ on Bars, Floor and All-Around. Follow her account for competition videos and inspiration to master new skills.



3. Focus on getting stronger.

gymnasts on instagram advice

Isabella (@isabelladawnofficialis a 7-year-old Level 7 gymnast and TOPS Diamond Team Member. Follow her for fun skills video set to music that will get you pumped up!


4. It’s all about heart.

gymnasts on instagram advice

Kailey (@kaily_d_txgymnast) is a 12-year-old Level 8 gymnast. Follow her for competition videos and some seriously awesome action shots!


5. Don’t forget to have fun.

gymnast on instagram advice

Emma (@emma_minigymnastbigdreamsis a 6-year-old gymnast. Follow her to watch her practicing and mastering new skills and some fun inspirational skills videos set to music!


6. Never compare yourself to others.

advice gymnasts instagram

Brooke (@brookiecookie.gymnastis a 9-year-old gymnast training Level 7/8. Follow her for inspiring videos as she works hard on new skills at practice and on her own at home!

7. Give it your all and have fun!

gymnast instagram advice

Serenity (@gymnast.serenity.ukis a 7-year-old gymnast living in the UK. Follow her for inspirational skills videos and fun content in and out of the gym!


I love watching these gymnasts have fun, challenge themselves and continually improve. Hopefully, you can take some of their advice as you start your gymnastics journey. If you’re looking for more advice, check out what some gymnasts had to say about practicing handstands at home. What other advice are you looking for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • Mariam January 9, 2019, 10:54 pm

    I’m 13 and i’ve been doing gymnastics for 4 years now. I noticed that I wasn’t able to pass some skills because I have mental blocks, like on bars I’m too scared to cast to handstand and on vault I feel “tense”. It’s very hard to explain but my metal blocks are causing me to feel tight and heavy. The other day I was about to do a front tuck and my mental blocks made me feel weak and tired, even thought I’ve done this skill a lot of times before.

  • Riah January 24, 2019, 5:11 pm

    You got this hope u get pass the skills and its ok because I’m scared to do bars and other flips and I’ve been doing gymnastics ever sence 1st grade and im hoping I get better so theres no need to be afraid because im going into a gymnastics program so I can work on the skills im bad at so I can get better at the moves.I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!! ^^

  • Ruwach Dunphy February 8, 2021, 1:23 pm

    Here is a tip for overcoming mental block picture your self doing whatever skill your having trouble on a and landing it perfectly. Then figure out exactly what part of the skill you are scared to do or take a video of you trying do do that skill so camera pressure sometimes helped me do a skill.


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