6 Successful Instagram Gymnasts who Make Handstand Practice a part of their Normal Home Workout Routine

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The best way for you to improve your gymnastics is to learn from people better than yourself. In an effort to help you with this and to get you valuable information, I talked to a bunch of successful gymnasts on Instagram. Being inspired by awesome gymnasts is the best way to stay motivated, so if you’re on Instagram, make sure you follow all the gymnasts below.

One thing that these 6 gymnasts had in common was that they think handstands are an important skill to practice at home. If you want to take their advice and practice handstands more at home, here is a free 7 Day Handstand Challenge starting tomorrow.

When I asked these gymnasts what exercise they regularly do at home to help with strength and improve their basics here is what they said:


Mia Bella is a 10 year old Level 9, HOPES gymnast. At home she works on that perfect, straight body position line.The one exercise that I do on a regular basis is a 1 minute or longer handstand hold and try to maintain the perfect line.



CC is an 8 year old gymnast training TOPS. She is definitely a serious gymnast with goals! On Fridays, her day off, she always picks 3 gymnastics things to work on. She does crossfit in addition to gymnastics and is always working on body control and form. She says:
My favorite gymnastics home exercise is handstand holds.



Zoey is a 6 year old Level 4 gymnast who was a Floor and Beam gold medalist last year at Level 3 Texas South State Championship.

She says that the exercise she does at home that helps to improve her strength and improves her basics is:

Handstands. All day, every day. On the floor. On the beam. On the bars. Handstands, handstands, and more handstands.


Brooke is a 9 year old gymnast training Level 7/8. She is always working on handstands.

She says:

I love to work on my handstands and perfecting my shapes


Isabella Dawn is a 7 year old Level 7 gymnast and TOPS Diamond Team Member. When asked about what she does at home she says:

Press handstands are huge  


Abby is a 10 year old Level 8 gymnast. When asked what exercise she does at home to improve she says:

holding handstands


Make sure you follow these gymnasts to stay motivated in your daily routine and to learn from the best. To start working on your handstand at home, there is a 7 Day Handstand Challenge starting today.

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