Interviews with High Level Gymnasts: Hetty

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Check out what this high level gymnast has to say about her experience and the awesome advice she has to give lower level gymnasts. We hope you enjoy this interview with Hetty as much as we did!

Q: What’s your name and level?
A: Hi, I’m Hetty – I’m level 10, training elite.

Q: When did you start gymnastics?
A: When I was little I did a lot of classes, but I started competitive team when I was 7 years old.

Q: How many hours do you train & how do you fit it in with school?
A: I train 24 hours a week. Regular school ends at 3:30p and I immediately get picked up and go straight to practice. Then I do some homework after gym.

Q: What are your goals with gymnastics?
A: Well I have long term, short term, and middle term goals, but mainly my long term goals are to go to the highest level I can and to be consistent and have a lot of aptitude there.

Q: What are the hardest skills you can do?
A: The hardest skills I can do are a Ray or Maloney on bars.

Q: How do you overcome fears and mental blocks?
A: I just take a step back from that skill, maybe do drills or focus on the other skills until I am mentally ready to try that again, with a spot.

Q: Have you ever wanted to quit, and if so, what made you stay?
A: One or two times, but after watching girls – elite girls compete — that’s very inspiring and motivating to start again.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about gymnastics?
A: Performing at competitions and the feeling of flying or getting skills.

Q: What advice would you give a lower level gymnast that wants to get better?
A: I would say just keep going at it. Don’t focus on your skills or your level, just focus on your technique and form. Then also, don’t compare yourself to other people – compare yourself to how you were maybe a week ago, or a month ago.

Q: What would be one component you would tell a lower level gymnast to focus on outside of the gym, that makes the most impact?
A: Well I found that what works best for me, is making a plan of small goals for the week ahead. Those small goals turn into small improvements and the small improvements turn into big improvements. Something like Skilltrakker is really great because you’re making those small goals already and that’s great for compulsory gymnasts, also optional gymnasts too because you need a good foundation.

If you’re on Instagram, go follow Hetty @gymnast.hetty!

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    Thanks so much for this interview! It really has helped me improve my gymnastics!!! Thanks Hetty! Thanks Jess!

    • gymnasticshq August 28, 2021, 9:30 am

      So glad to hear that!


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