GymnasticsHQ’s New Video Series – Meet Season: Behind the Scenes

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Videos where we go behind-the-scenes of competitive gymnasts as they go through their meet


Recently we launched a new video series where we take a look behind-the-scenes of a competitive gymnast as she gets ready for her meet and then competes in her competition.

One of the things we’ve found is that while most gymnasts do similar things to get ready for their meets, they all do it slightly differently and it’s fun to see what they do! We asked these gymnasts to share their pre-meet routines and their thoughts before their meet. We then watched as they competed their routines and listened as they reflected on their thoughts afterwards.

Our hope is that by watching these, you’ll get ideas for your own pre-meet and post-meet routine or even find comfort in knowing you’re not the only one who gets nervous or has certain struggles.

Plus, some of our gymnasts have experienced things that have made gymnastics more challenging and hearing their stories is so inspiring!

We’ve put all of our videos in one place here for you to watch. But you can also check them out on our youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!


Kyleigh, Level 4 Gymnast

Kyleigh had one of her best meets ever and we were excited to see how she did!

Josie, Level 3 Gymnast

Josie shares some of the things she says to herself before each event plus the reason why she loves gymnastics so much.

Presley, Level 4 Gymnast

Presley takes us behind-the-scenes of her Level 4 State Meet. Find out the only event Presley gets nervous for plus her most favorite event to compete.

Jillian, Xcel Silver Gymnast

Jillian’s story is powerful! She was born with something (you have to watch to find out) that has made gymnastics difficult for her and yet she still perseveres! Watch her as she competes in her first meet since breaking her pinky.

DeAnna, Level 4 Gymnast

We hear from DeAnna as she goes to her Level 4 meet and find out she’s been struggling with a mental block for quite some time now. See how this affects her meet.

Isa, Xcel Silver Gymnast

Learn Isa’s meet mantra and what she does immediately following her meet.


Hope you enjoyed watching these videos!

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  • Laura and Skye February 16, 2020, 8:10 am

    We loved watching these behind the scenes videos of the gymnasts.


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