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Gymnastics Levels

Here is some more information about the gymnastics levels and what the different gymnastics level requirements are. In addition to the normal Junior Olympic gymnastics levels, some gymnasts compete in the Xcel Program, AAU Gymnastics, or TOPs.


Improve Your Gymnastics

If you’re looking for some help and ideas for improving your gymnastics here are some places to start:


Having Fun with Gymnastics

What is more fun than gymnastics! Here is some information on throwing a gymnastics party, and gifts your gymnast will love!

gymnastics at home

Prepare for Gymnastics

Here are some videos and articles to help you prepare for gymnastics:

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5 Ways to Help Your Gymnast Overcome Fear When Learning New Skills

It’s summer time and most gymnasts are doing up-training which means learning a whole new set of skills in preparation for next year’s competition season. While it’s often a fun time of year that gymnasts look forward to, it can also be filled with anxiety as gymnasts are attempting to learn challenging skill they don’t… Read more →

What Should My Child Wear to Gymnastics Class?

You've signed your child up for gymnastics class and now you want to know what they should wear! Depending on your gymnast's age and gender they will probably wear something different to gymnastics class. However, most girls will wear a leotard. We will go through what gymnasts of each age wear. The “proper” gymnastics attire… Read more →

Gymnastic Quote

Gymnastics taught me everything - life lessons, responsibility and discipline and respect. - Shawn Johnson, 2008 Olympic Balance Beam champion

15 Creative Ways to Practice Gymnastics This Summer

  Do you want to practice and get better at gymnastics this summer? You might think the only time you can practice is when you're in the gym but that's definitely not the case! We've put together a list of creative ways to practice gymnastics skills while on summer break outside in the warmth of the… Read more →