25 Best Gymnastics Gifts Under $25

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It’s that time of year when you need to start thinking about what to get your gymnast for the holidays! To help you, we’ve come up with the 25 best gymnastics gifts under $25 so you can get your shopping started. These are gifts that have consistently been purchased and adored throughout this year by gymnastics fans near and far. Check out this list to see if there’s anything that grabs you or your gymnast’s eye!

Here is a list of 25 Best Gymnastics Gifts Under $25!!!

Stay tuned for our more comprehensive guide coming later this month. Until then, here you go:


25 Best Gifts Priced $25 or Less

1. GymnasticsHQ Mindset Meet Journal ($24.99) – It might be ours, so of course we’re biased, but for good reason. The feedback on our Mindset Meet Journal has been phenomenally positive and every day more and more of you purchase our journal and tell us how much you love it. This journal is perfect for the competitive gymnast and because it’s undated it can be used any time of year. So whether you are at the end of your meet season or just beginning, this journal will work. Grab yourself a copy of this amazing gymnastics resource ASAP!

This Gymnastics Mindset Meet Journal is an amazing gift for your competitive gymnast.


2. Flipping Gymnast Necklace ($9.99) – This 16 inch silver necklace is a great gift for the gymnast who likes necklaces.

Flipping Gymnast silver necklace 16 inch chain is a great gift for your gymnast.


3. Glittery Gymnast Popsocket ($9.99) – Popsockets are still the rage for tweens and teens with cell phones. Add some gymnastics sparkle to your phone with these pop sockets, ranging in color from purple, pink, and neon green. With just the right amount of sparkle, this pop socket is the perfect gift to please your gymnast. Makes a great stocking stuffer or teammate gift too!

This glittery gymnastics pop socket makes a great gift for your gymnast.

4. Infinity Collection Gymnastics Bracelet ($9.99) – this very popular infinity gymnastics bracelet is a great gift for a gymnast who loves jewelry.

This infinity gymnastics bracelet is a very popular item amongst gymnasts.


5. Perfect Balance Series Gymnastics Books: Courage To Fly ($14.99) – The latest book in this gymnastics series was just released and is sure to be a new favorite among gymnasts. In fact, this entire series makes a great gift for the gymnast who likes to read. This book is for ages 9-13 (5th/6th grade reading level).

The latest book in this gymnastics series is Courage To Fly and is perfect for the gymnast who loves to read.


6. Watch Me Flip Light Grey Glitter Shirt ($22.95) – This favorite upside down Watch Me Flip shirt is sure to please your gymnast this holiday. She can turn upside down and show off her ability to flip for her friends and family. Plus, this new version is made with glitter and really sparkles.

This glitter Watch Me Flip shirt makes a great gift for your gymnast who is always upside down!


7. Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics Cinch Bag ($14.99) – This cinch bag has been on our list many years on a row as one of the most popular gymnastics gifts. This black, white, and pink design pops so everyone can recognize your love of gymnastics from a far. Perfect to take to meets or to the gym (or on field trips at school), this cinch bag is a fun gift for any gymnast.

This black, white, and pink eat sleep gymnastics cinch bag makes a great holiday gift for your gymnast.

8. Personalized Gymnastics Water Bottle with Dots ($12) – Every gymnast needs a water bottle and this personalized BPA free bottle is one of the most popular out there. Available in a variety of different colors.

This personalized bpa free water bottle is perfect for your gymnast.


9. Mueller Rainbow Prewrap ($12.56) – This colorful pre-wrap is a staple in every gymnast’s grip bag. This pack of 8 different colors is a great gift that any gymnast will appreciate.

Mueller Rainbow Sports Pre-Wrap is perfect for your gymnast.


10. Bling Bands Headbands ($11) – These headbands are all the rage these days. They were made specifically for athletes so they stay on even during gymnastics practice. Price is for one bling band.

These bling band headbands make great gymnastics gifts. They stay on even during gymnastics practice.


11. Personalized Gymnast on Beam Bag Tag ($6.50) – Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? This gymnastics bag tag can be customized by color and name and makes a great gift for every gymnast to put on her gym bag. Reasonably priced, these make great team or secret Santa gym gifts too.

Personalized Gymnast on Beam Bag Tag makes a great holiday gift for your gymnast.


12. I Rock Flips, Kips, and Grips shirt ($25.95) – One of the most popular gymnastics shirts this year was this I Rock Flips, Kips & Grips shirt in grey. Any gymnast would absolutely adore this super soft t-shirt.

This is a very popular gymnastics t-shirt that says I Rock Flips, Kips & Grips

13. Goals Gymnastics Poster – at 11×14 inches this gymnastics poster can be hung on your gymnast’s wall as is or framed and hung up. It’s a great reminder of what your gymnast needs to do in order to reach her goals.

This 11x14 poster makes a great gift for your gymnast for the holidays.


14. Gymnastics Nail Art Decals  ($3.99) -Any gymnast who loves painting her nails will love to put on these gymnastics decals. Just make sure she doesn’t wear them to a meet!


These make great stocking stuffers for your gymnast!


15. Gymnastics Zipper Pull ($9.99) – Zipper pulls are a fun way to add pizazz to your gymnast’s gym bag, backpack, or coat jacket. These zipper pulls come with different sayings and the option to change the rhinestone and letter. This is a great personalized gift for your special gymnast that she is sure to love.

Your gymnast will love this gymnastics zipper pull for her gym bag.



16. Gymnast Applique shorts ($18) – These applique gymnastics shorts are always a front runner in the clothes department. The rhinestones make these shorts stand out and let everyone know that your little one is a gymnast!

These adorable gymnast applique shorts are a great holiday gift for your gymnast.


17. Gymnastics Bangle Charm Bracelet ($10) – This adorable bangle charm bracelet is customizable with color of the gemstone and letter. This makes such a sweet little gift for any gymnast.

This gymnastics bangle charm bracelet makes a great holiday gift!

18. Glittery Gymnastics Hair Ties (7.95) – This set of 5 glittery hair ties is sure to please any gymnast. These come in five great bright colors and feature different gymnasts. A fun way for any gymnast to show her gymnastics pride.

gymnastics hair ties glittery


19. Skills Checklist ($24.99) – These skills checklist are made for the competitive gymnast who wants to keep track of her skills as she learns them and know which skills she needs to learn to get to the next level. They are available in Levels 1-4, Levels 5-7, and Xcel.

xcel gymnastics checklist


20. Barbie Gymnastics Coach ($14.98) – This is a fun addition to the Barbie collection. The little gymnast does a flip on beam as Barbie coach spots her. This is a perfect gift for the gymnast who loves Barbies.

Gymnastics barbie Coach makes a great gift for your gymnast.


21. WristBands ($3.95) – Every gymnast needs a good pair of wrist bands and honestly, you can never own enough sets of them. These wrist bands come in pairs and are offered in multiple colors. They are easily washable. Put these together with a grip bag and new grips and you’ve got a really great gymnastics present.

gymnastics cheap gifts wrist bands


22. Rainbow “Don’t Wish For It, Work For It” Grip Bag ($15) – This rainbow grip bag has consistently sold out because of it’s fun rainbow design and inspirational motto. It also pairs perfectly with the GymnasticsHQ Mindset Meet Journal for the ultimate gift.

This rainbow grip bag makes a great gift for your special gymnast.

23. Simone Biles: Courage to Soar ($8.91) – Given Simone Biles’ incredible year, this book is even more popular as gymnasts find out how Simone made it to the top. If your gymnast hasn’t read it yet then it’s a must buy.

Courage to Soar by Simone Biles makes a great holiday gift for your gymnast.


24. This is My Handstand shirt ($14.45) – This shirt still weighs in as one of the most popular gymnastics shirts around. It comes in various colors. Any gymnast would be happy to receive one of these shirts as a gift.

This very popular This Is My Handstand Shirt makes a great gift and is available in different colors.


25. Fantastic Vault Challenge game ($5.95) – This fun game recently went on major discount so we think it’s a great gift to pick up while supplies last. The goal of the game is to get the gymnast to propel herself over the table while sticking her landing. It’s not as easy as it seems and will have your gymnasts (and non-gymnasts) hooked!

The Fantastic Gymnastics Vault Challenge game makes a great holiday gift!



There you have it! 25 gymnastics gifts $25 or less. Stay tuned for our more comprehensive holiday gift guide coming soon! Are there any gifts that you would love to receive for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below. You can also check out 100 Gymnastics Gift Ideas for Gymnasts.

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  • Banana November 9, 2019, 1:28 am

    I’m 13 years old and I have a goal.to be a level 4 gymnast next year (as a freshman) I already have about half my skills do you think I’m too old for gymnastics?

  • M. Chang November 9, 2019, 9:49 am

    Absolutely not, just like any sport it is all about your ability and skills not your age. There are plenty college gymnasts that still compete. Age has nothing to do with gymnastics.

  • Jadyn November 9, 2019, 10:01 am

    Hi my name is jadyn im 13 years old and im a beginner gymnast do you have any tips or advice to help me get my press handstand? thanks


    • Brooke November 9, 2019, 4:00 pm

      Work out like crazy. You have to be extremely strong to get one.

  • Marisa November 9, 2019, 2:37 pm

    I’m a 13 year old in Level 4 second year. I am the oldest in the level 4s but i don’t think you are to old.

  • Camden Acree February 15, 2021, 1:32 pm

    Hi, I’m Camden. I’m 15 and I’ve been doing competitive cheer for 1 1/2 years. I’m thinking about switching to gymnastics but I feel like I’m going to be too old for level 1 but I don’t have all those skills. What are your thoughts? Should I switch or should I stay with cheer? Please help a girl out 🙂


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