The Top 10 Gymnastics Gifts of 2020

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most popular gifts 2020

We have rounded up the top 10 gymnastics gifts of 2020 based on our sales data. Some of the items were on the most popular gift list from last year, but most of them are new!

If you are looking for a great gift for your gymnast, you can check out our 2020 Gymnastics Gift Guide or see the most popular gifts below.


top gymnastics gifts stickers

1. Gymnastics Sticker Bundle

This bundle of 6 gymnastics stickers has been by far the most popular gift this year! These stickers have a shiny plastic front and are great for sticking on water bottles or notebooks.



tie dye gymnastics set popular gift

2. Gymnastics Tie Dye Lounge Set

This tie-dye lounge set has also been flying off the shelves. The shirt and pants are a lightweight cotton material in the cutest colors! This lounge set is perfect for wearing to the gym, or while hanging around the house.




most popular gifts 2020

3. Mindset & Meet Gymnastics Journal

This journal is a must for anyone competing or wanting to work on their mindset! Your gymnast can keep track of her scores and complete the exercises designed to help her continue to improve! This journal is a gift your gymnast will enjoy going through.



glittery gymnastics notebook 4. Glittery Gymnastics Notebook

This notebook is so pretty! Your gymnast will love to write in it and use it for school or fun! It makes a great teammate gift also. The purple color shades pink or orange depending on the light.



gymnastics zipper pull

5. “You Got This” Zipper Pull

This has been one of the most popular gifts the last few years! Show your gymnast your confidence in her with a “You Got This” zipper pull she can wear on her backpack or gym bag. It can be customized with your gymnast’s initial and favorite color!



most popular gifts 2020 water bottle

6. Gymnast Water Bottle

This ombre water bottle is so fun and encourages your gymnast to drink water throughout the day! She will have fun keeping track of where she is at! She can throw it in her gym bag to bring to the gym, or bring it with her to school.




gymnast hair ties

7. Gymnastics Hair Ties

Your gymnast will love these glittery gymnastics hair ties! The bright colors are so fun! They are no-crease, so it won’t ruin your gymnast’s hair.



gymnastics air beam

8. Air Beam

An air beam is so fun, and there are tons of exercises you can do on them (stay tuned: we are releasing an air beam workout tomorrow!). It’s more compact than an air floor and has the added benefit of the beam line which you can feel with your feet, so it better replicates practicing on a beam.

You can inflate your air beam when you are using it, and then deflate it when you aren’t for easy storage.



handstands for dayz

9. Handstands for Dayz T-Shirt

This Handstands for Dayz tie-dye shirt is so popular this year, and it makes sense–it’s right on trend! Your gymnast will love doing handstands in this fun, soft tie-dye shirt!



air floor gymnastics

10. Air Floor

Last but not least is this air floor! Air floors (and air beams) are definitely all the rage this year! It makes sense too–they are a ton of fun and let your gymnast practice her skills at home! It can be deflated when not in use for easy storage.


Have you gotten any of these gifts for your gymnast this year ? We hope you enjoyed this round-up of the most popular gymnastics gifts this season!

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