2020 Gymnastics Gift Guide- Best Gifts for your Gymnast

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We’ve rounded up the best gymnastics gifts of 2020! Find some great gifts for your gymnast below 🙂

gift guide accessories

Gymnastics Accessories

1. Gymnastics Nail Art Decals– These nail art decals are a fun way for your gymnast to show off her gymnastics pride!

2. Gymnast Sport Water Bottle with Time Marker– This ombre water bottle is a “must” for your gymnast’s gym bag this year!

3. Gymnastics Headbands– These non-slip headbands will keep your gymnast’s hair out of her eyes at practice!

4.USA Pride Sticker Bundle– Your gymnast will love these USA Pride Stickers – great for any phone case, water bottle, notebook, etc!

5. Look Like a Beauty Train Like a Beast Drawstring Bag– This drawstring bag is a great way for your gymnast to bring her gear to and from the gym!

6. You Got This Zipper Pull– This “You Got This” Zipper pull has been one of the most popular gifts year after year. It’s a great way to show your gymnast that you have faith in her!

7. Gymnastics Glittery Hair Ties– These glittery hair ties are bright colors that your gymnast will love!

8. Gymnastics Sticker Bundle– These stickers have already been super popular this year. The motivational sayings are perfect for your gymnast to decorate some of her things.

2020 gift guide leotards

1. Shimmer Leopard Leotard– With a rhinestone belt, bias trim and moisture wicking fabric this leotard is great for your gymnast! It also has a leopard print on the top half with rhinestones and a plain shimmer on the bottom half. Watch your gymnast go to practice feeling cute and confident!

2. DIY Tie Dye Leotard Kit– Who doesn’t love tie dye?! Now you can spend a summer day tie dying your very own leotard! With our USA Red, White & Blue Tie Dye Leotard Kit you will be able to create your very own design and show it off at your next practice.

3. Purple Rain Leotard– This gorgeous purple and gold printed leotard is a show stopper! It’s our classic fit leotard, with a high quality sublimation and moisture wicking fabric. Your gymnast will feel great practicing in this leotard.

4. Rhinestone USA Leotard– Show your pride for America with our red, white and blue leotard that says “USA” in rhinestones on the front. With quality sublimation printing, moisture wicking fabric and classic cut style your gymnast will love this leotard.

5. Butterfly Leotard– Our first official GymnasticsHQ leotard is here!  Your gymnast will love this beautiful purple and pink butterfly leo with solid black back.  Make a statement at practice in this gorgeous butterfly pattern!

6. Pink Palms Leotard– This gymnastics leotard will give you all the paradise vacation-y feels. With high quality sublimation printing and super soft moisture wicking fabric your gymnast will feel great during her practice.

gymnastics gift guide

Gymnastics Books

1. Glittery Gymnast Notebook– This blank notebook is perfect for your gymnast to use to write down her thoughts!

2. I Will Try– The pictures in this book are so cute. It has easy words for beginning readers.

3. Confident Gymnast Coloring & Activity Book– Our coloring book has fun activities for your gymnast to complete and a bunch of pages to color!

4. Gymnastics Mindset & Meet Journal– Our gymnastics mindset and meet journal is a must have for any gymnast that is competing! Not only can you track your scores, but by going through the activities you will get your mind prepared for competition! Newly updated and also includes stickers!

5. Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance– Simone Biles’ book is a must-read for any Simone Biles fan! Hopefully the Olympics will be next summer, and this would be great to have read before then!

6. She’s Got This– This children’s book by Laurie Hernandez is a cute simple story with good pictures!

7. Season of Change (Perfect Balance Gymnastics Series)– This is the latest book (book 8) in the Perfect Balance series. To learn more about each of the books in the series, check out our interview with the author, Melisa Torres.



gift guide shirts

Gymnastics Clothing

1. Gymnastics Tie Dye Lounge Set– One of the hottest gymnastics gifts of the year! We all know tie dye is “in” and this lounge set is a perfect way to wear it! This super cute gymnastics tie dye set is great for your gymnast to wear at home or to the gym.

2. Pink Gymnast Figure T-Shirt– Your gymnast will flip for this cute pink tee!  It’s definitely a must have and we’re sure it’ll quickly become your go-to tee!

3. Chalk Up Buttercup T-Shirt– This super soft t-shirt is a great gymnastics basic for your gymnast to wear!

4. Handstands for Dayz T-Shirt– Here’s another great tie dye gift for your gymnast! This soft shirt says “Handstands for Dayz”.

5. Tie Dye Summer Set– This Summer Tie Dye Lounge Set will be perfect for your gymnast during the warm summer days! Great for before/after practice or just as everyday wear.

6. GYMNAST Onesie– This super soft, thick sweatshirt- material onesie is so cute to wear to the gym or just hanging around the house!


gymnastics gifts equipment

Home Gymnastics Equipment

1. Air Beam– Air beams and floors are so much less expensive than they used to be– at least for a quality one!  This air beam has a raised 4″ center line so that your gymnast can “feel” the beam, while still having extra cushion if she misses. This air beam is a great way for your gymnast to practice gymnastics at home.

2. Air Floor– This air floor is 3′ x 10′ x 4″ and so is big enough for your gymnast to do most gymnastics skills. It’s easily portable and can be blown up or deflated with ease.

3. Jr. Bar Pro with 6″ Mat– This Jr. Bar Pro is a great stable bar for your gymnast to practice her gymnastics skills. This is a top quality kip bar for advanced or older home gymnasts.

4. Tumbl Trak Panel Mats– These high quality panel mats come in several different colors and two different thicknesses- 1 and 3/8″ (standard) or a slightly thicker 2″ mat.

5. DGS Suede Beam– This practice beam is covered in suede, just like competition beams. It also has padding underneath the suede to make it comfortable for practicing skills!

6. Springee Folding Beam– This Springee beam is a great folding beam. It is firm enough to let your gymnast practice her skills, but can also be folded and put away when she’s done!

gift guide accessories

Gymnastics Room Decor

1. GOALS poster– This wall poster is always very popular! It says “GOALS To reach your goals, you must grab on with both hands.”

2. Fantastic Gymnastics Game– This gymnastics game can be played solo or with friends. It’s a fun game for your gymnast to play in her spare time!

3. Gymnastics Rug– This gymnastics rug would be a great addition to any gymnast’s room!

4. Gymnastics Light Switch Cover– This gymnastics light switch over is so fun and will complete your gymnast’s gymnastics themed room!

5. Eat Sleep Gymnastics Repeat Poster– This is such a cool art print with the rainbow almost glitter look. It would be a great gift to frame for your gymnast’s room.

6. Believe in Yourself Wall Sticker– This wall sticker says “Believe in yourself and you will Achieve your dreams” and can be ordered in over 30 different colors.


Hopefully you have enjoyed these gymnastics gifts. For more gift ideas you can check out 100+ Gymnastics Gift Ideas.


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    Wow, these are so wonderful I don’t know which one I should get . They are all so amazing

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