Interviews with High Level Gymnasts: Alyssa

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Check out what this high level gymnast has to say about her experience and the awesome advice she has to give lower level gymnasts. We hope you enjoy this interview by Alyssa as much as we did!

Q: What’s your name and level?
A: My name is Alyssa Beaudoin and I’m like a level 9/10 training elite.

Q: When did you start gymnastics?
A: I started before I was 3 in Wednesday classes with mommy & me.

Q: How many hours do you train & how do you fit it in with school?
A: I train 26 hours in the summer and 18-20 when school starts. I fit it in by…I try to get most of my homework done before gym even though I really don’t want to, so that way  (because I kind of train late) when I get home I have time for other things and I don’t have to do just homework.

Q: What are your goals with gymnastics?
A: I want to be a recognized elite gymnast and hopefully I want to make it to a D1 college and…I just pretty much want to be famous!

Q: What are the hardest skills you can do?
A: It kind of depends on the event, but right now on bars probably is a blind full, but I have a Shaposh and a Tkatchev in training. On beam, it’s probably a front aerial handspring layout and an Onodi.

Q: How do you overcome fears and mental blocks?
A: When I get scared of stuff, me and my coach break it down and make sure that I have the confidence. Really, consistency is key. We break it down – we do the basics and we just kind of build it up from there. With the help of my coach, I was able to overcome all of my mental blocks.

Q: Have you ever wanted to quit, and if so, what made you stay?
A: Well, about that. Rope climbs were really not my thing, and sometimes there were tears. I really wanted my old coach to take the ropes out of the gym or else I didn’t want to come back. After I kind of got over that I have to climb the rope, or else I wasn’t going to be able to go, I started to get over that and then I wanted to stay…and I was 6!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about gymnastics?
A: Well there’s always something that you can do in gymnastics, you can keep on getting better. There’s so many things you can do. With my coach, Jessica Wilke, she’s the best thing to spend 26 hours a week with because she always makes me laugh and she’s so funny.

Q: What advice would you give a lower level gymnast that wants to get better?
A: Well, first I would say to always believe in yourself and never, ever give up because it’s not going to get easier and you’re just going to keep on getting better.

Q: What would be one component you would tell a lower level gymnast to focus on outside of the gym, that makes the most impact?
A: Well, I do dance and it not only helps with my flexibility, but it also makes me feel free; I love to do it. So it’s like a place where I can just be happy. Honestly, just do something you love.

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