How to Throw a Fun Olympic-Themed Gymnastics Party

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olympic themed gymnastics partyDo you have a little bit of Olympics-mania? I know I do! It’s so exciting to see the best gymnasts in the
world competing, and to see some awe-inspiring gymnastics routines! Throwing an Olympic-themed gymnastics party is a great way to celebrate.

Olympic Party Activities

Here are some ideas for activities at your Olympic gymnastics party.

Set up a Mini Olympics

You could set up your own mini-Olympics with different events to compete. Here are some “event” ideas.

  • Floor– Your competitors could make up floor routines in the back yard, or on mats in your playroom. Then they could take turns competing them.
  • Beam– You could do the same thing for beam, if you have a home beam. Have the competitors make up short beam routines, and take turns competing.
  • 3-Legged Race– Your competitors could pair up and compete in a 3-legged race together.
  • Jump Rope– You could see how many times in a row each competitor can jump rope, without missing a jump.
  • Balance– You could have a balance competition, and see who can stand on one leg the longest, or hold a scale the longest, etc.
  • Keep the Beachballs in the Air– You could divide the competitors into two teams and have one or two beachballs per team. Then you could see which team can keep the beachballs in the air without letting them touch the ground the longest (kind of like playing volleyball with the beachballs). Even after the beachball event, your guests can have fun playing with the beachballs, and then if you have enough, everyone can take one home.balloons at olympics party
  • Water Balloon Toss– You could have a water balloon toss as one of the “events”. Have competitors pair up to compete. The competitors can toss the balloon to their partner and after each toss take a step back. Whoever can get farthest away from their partner without dropping the balloon when they toss it, wins. Think of the water balloon as the ball in rhythmic gymnastics.

At your Mini Olympics you can have scorecards, just like at a gymnastics meet, to keep track of how each competitor has done on each event.

At the end of the party, you could give away medals or trophies to each person who attended the party instead of a goody bag.

Watch the Olympics or Olympic Gymnastics Routines

You can either watch the Olympics live, or a taped version. You could play games while you watch the routines. Here are some ideas:

  • Guess the Score– You could have each participant guess the score, and whoever comes the closest the most amount of times gets a prize.
  • Play Line Judge– While you are watching the floor routines, you could pretend you are a line judge. You could do this with little flags to signal an out-of-bounds like the judges have, or by just raising your hand. Whoever holds their flag or hand up first when a gymnast goes out-of-bounds wins.
  • Play Commentator– Mute the sound and have guests take turns commentating on the routines.

Decorate Your Own Team USA Tank Tops

craft at olympic party

You could have each guest decorate their own tank tops. You can have them write their last name on the back of their shirt like they were in the Olympics. You can stick to a red, white and blue theme, or just let your gymnasts’ creativity lead the way.

Bella Youth Jersey Tank: These tanks would be cute for younger gymnasts. They come in several different colors.

Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank: These flowy racerback tanks would be great for older gymnasts. I have a couple Bella brand tanks and I love the way they fit. They could wear the tanks over their leotards when they go to practice.

3D Fabric Paint: Your party guests can use 3D fabric paint to decorate their tank tops.

American Flag Stencils: If you are worried about the shirts not looking great, you can always get some stencils to help your gymnasts create their party favors.

Iron On Letters: I think it would be cute to iron all of your gymnast’s last names on to the back of the tank tops before they come to your party. Then they could wear their tanks while they compete in their mini Olympics or have their viewing party. Your party guests can decorate the front of the tanks themselves.

Olympic Party Supplies

olympic party supplies

The supplies for your Olympic-themed gymnastics party could just be red, white and blue patriotic supplies. Here are some supply ideas:

Patriotic Party Supplies Kit: Having simple red, white and blue paper plates, cups, napkins and cutlery makes sense for a Team USA Olympic party.

Red, White and Blue Beachballs: This 12-pack of beachballs would be perfect for the Beachballs-in-the-Air event. And with this inexpensive 12-pack, the Olympic competitors could all take home a beachball when they leave.

Golden Plastic Trophy: Kids do love trophies. These trophies would make great Olympic party favors.

Olympic Style Award Medal Set: These medals come in gold, silver and bronze. For your Olympic party you could choose to award places and give out gold, silver and bronze medals, or simply choose to give out all of the same medals. This would depend on the age of your party guests and whether you think they will care if someone gets a different medal.

Little American Flags: Your gymnastics party gymnasts could carry little American flags for “march-in” before the mini Olympic competition. 

Patriotic Washable Temporary Tattoos: Your gymnastics party competitors could get prepped for competition by putting washable patriotic tattoos on each other.

If you give your party guests some of the items you bought to celebrate the Olympics, I don’t think you would need to give them additional party favors. However, if you would like some other gymnastics party favors ideas, here are some Gymnastics Party Goody Bag Ideas.

I hope you have enjoyed my Olympic-Themed Gymnastics Party ideas, and if you did I would appreciate it if you would share the article. Thank you! And go Team USA!

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