Gymnastics Party Favor Ideas

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Here are some ideas for a gymnastics party favors bag or a “goody bag”. These could also be used as gymnastics meet good luck gifts. Check out our guide to throwing the ultimate gymnastics party!

gymnastics party favor makeup bag

The Makeup Bag Gift Bag

The Makeup Bag gift bag idea is great because everyone at the birthday party doesn’t have to be gymnasts. All girls will appreciate the stuff in this goody bag.

Pencil Case Makeup Bag: I picked this pencil case that can double as a makeup bag because it’s cute and small. It would work perfectly for holding all the makeup supplies a gymnast would need and can be thrown right in her gym bag for practice or meets.

Eos Lip Balm: Lip balm is a gym bag staple and this Eos Lip balm comes in packs of six to make it an easy goody bag item.

Goody Hair ElasticsEvery gymnast needs hair elastics to tie her hair back with and these ouchless ones are perfect! These come in big packs of 72 so you can throw a couple in each gift bag.

Gymnastics HeadbandsThis set of 3 GymnasticsHQ headbands comes with a bright pink headband that says “I ♡ Gymnastics”, the aqua headband says “Don’t Wish for it…WORK for it” and the bright green one says “Chalk Hair Don’t Care”.

Gymnast Pin: A gymnast pin on the front will really turn this into a cute party favor!

gymnastics birthday party favor idea- grip bag


The “Grip” Bag Goody Bag

The Grip Bag birthday goody bag idea is great for a birthday party with mostly gymnasts. Especially if it’s a party with just her team members. You can fill an inexpensive grip bag with some bar essentials. Even if the gymnasts already have a grip bag they can use the cloth drawstring bag to hold other items in their gym bag.

Don’t Wish for It Work For It Rainbow Grip BagThis rainbow-colored grip bag will be a sure-fire hit with your gymnastics party guests!

Cosmos 7 Pack of Different Colored Wristbands: This pack comes with 7 different colored sets of wristbands.

Mueller Rainbow Pack of Pre-Wrap: This rainbow pack of pre-wrap has 12 different rolls.

Athletic Tape: You can then choose to get a pack of plain white tape or a pack of colored athletic tape.

gymnastics party favor ideas water bottle

The Water Bottle Goody Bag

The water bottle goody bag idea is to get a cute gymnast water bottle and fill it with some treats. I like the idea of a table full of these super-cute gymnast water bottles filled with candy and other treats that the birthday party guests could grab as they leave.

Don’t Wish for It Work For it Sparkly Glitter Water Bottle: We love how sparkly and glittery this water bottle is, and its perfect for stuffing some candy or hair ties in to make the perfect gymnastics party favor.

Gymnastics HeadbandsThese elastic headbands are perfect for holding your flyaway hair back from your face. There are 3 headbands in the set- pink, blue and bright green.

Candy: Candy would be a nice filler to help fill the bottle to the top, but you could also use tissue paper shreds.

Hair Ties: No crease hair ties seem to be trendy lately!

Lipsmackers Lip Balm: Throw in a Lipsmackers lip balm from this party pack to make your water bottle goody bag complete!

younger girls gymnastics goody bag idea
The Purse Goody Bag Idea

I think this purse gift bag idea is perfect for young gymnast birthday parties.

Purse Party Favor BagsI think these purse party favor bags are cute, but you could go with a standard option if you wanted to keep it gender-neutral.

Frozen Hair Clips: It seems like most kids these days have Frozen fever, so these frozen hair clips are cute for pulling back hair.

Sunglasses: These sunglasses are a cute but cheap party favor.

Jelly Bracelets: Every preschool-aged or elementary-school-aged girl needs some jelly bracelets, no? Haha Joke. But these would make a cute addition to the purse gift bag.

Gymnastics Stickers: In order to keep this goody bag gymnastics-themed, include a sheet or half-sheet (you could cut these in half so they will fit in the purse better) of these stickers.

gymnastics party favor idea

The Gym Bag Gift Bag Idea

I think this gym bag gift bag idea is great for older gymnasts. I included some items that could go inside it that older athletes would like when they are working out, or not!

Love Gymnastics Drawstring BagI like this simple and inexpensive white Love Gymnastics Drawstring Bag. However you could get plain colored drawstring bags and decorate them with puffy fabric paint.

Gymnast Socks: These Don’t Wish for it, Work For it socks will have all the girls from the party twinning!

Lip Gloss: All teenage girls love lip gloss! And each girl could get a different color and then share.

Travel Size Burt’s Bees Lotion: A travel-sized Burt’s Bees lotion, or any lotion, would be a nice addition to this gift bag. Perfect for the dry conditions of a gym.

Travel Size Hairspray: A travel-sized hairspray is a must for gymnasts, especially at meets.

gymnastics party favors


Gymnastic Party Favor Ideas

Instead of giving out a gymnastics goody bags at your birthday party, what about just a gymnastics party favor?  Here are a couple individual gymnastics favor ideas.

Don’t Wish for It, Work For it Grip Bag: This holographic neon green grip bag is a perfect party favor for older gymnasts.

Bling BandsThese Bling Bands come in 14 different colors. They are great for gymnasts to wear to practice and make cute party favors!

Gymnastics Phone Grips: Gymnast phone grips are a perfect gymnastics party favor for older guests. Gymnasts can use these sparkly phone grips on the back of their phones to prop them up or to make it easier to hold.

Pillowcase: This gymnastics “Never Stop Dreaming” Pillowcase makes a great party favor. You can even have all the guests sign it with some fabric markers.

X Bands:These neon green X Bands have “Hard Work” on one band and “Pays Off” on the other. They go over your grips so that your grips stay tight on your hand.  Great party favors for older gymnasts!

I tried to come up with gymnastics goody bags, or party favor bags with ideas for both older and younger gymnasts, and gymnastics parties that have non-gymnasts.

What would you put in your gymnastics party goody bag?

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free gymnastics party invitations
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