Gymnastics Book Guide- The Best Books for Younger & Older Kids

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gymnastics books for younger gymnasts

Gymnastics Books for Younger Gymnasts

Here is a review of some gymnastics picture books.

i will try gymnastics bookI Will Try

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 4-8 years

This book has by far the simplest sentences to make it great for a beginning reader. 

My 1 year old daughter loves to have this book read to her over and over because of the super cute pictures.  It’s a simple story about Ella trying at gymnastics class with encouragement from her friend Jan.



gymnastics book shes got thisShe’s Got This

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 6-8 years

This book is good for an intermediate reader. 

She’s Got This is a book written by Laurie Hernandez, a Gold Medal- winning Olympic gymnast on the 2016 Olympic team. The story is about Zoe, who goes to gymnastics class and falls and gets scared to go back. See how she learns to conquer her fear. This book is good for any gymnast dealing with fear for the first time. It also has nice illustrations!


tina tumbles picture gymnastics booksTina Tumbles

Target Reader: 5-8 years

This book is good for an intermediate reader. The sentences are more advanced with some bigger words. 

Your gymnast will enjoy the story of Tina, who starts doing gymnastics at home without much success, and eventually goes to gymnastics class. This book has decent illustrations too.




Gymgymnastics books gymnastics jumpnastics Jump

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 4-6 years

Very simple words that are great for a beginner reader. 

Young gymnasts will enjoy this simple story about Lily’s first gymnastics meet. It has cute illustrations that make it fun to read over and over.




gymnastics books first day

DK Readers Level 1: First Day at Gymnastics

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 5-7 years

This book has more complex sentences than Gymnastics Jump and I Will Try. 

This book gives a play-by-play of Jenny’s first gymnastics class. It has real pictures instead of illustrations.




gymnastics book nadia picture bookNadia The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 6-9 years

This is definitely a more complex picture book. It has advanced sentences and is more advanced subject matter since it goes over the history of Nadia Comaneci’s start in gymnastics. 

This book is good for an older gymnast that enjoys picture books. It tells the story of Nadia, a young girl from Romania, who starts gymnastics and goes on to earn perfect 10s at the 1976 Olympic Games. The pictures are fun and it’s an engaging story, with more historical details than most picture books.


Gymnastics Books for Older Gymnasts

Below you will find reviews of gymnastics books for older gymnasts.

gymnastics books for older gymnasts


perfect balance gymnastics chapter bookPerfect Balance Gymnastics Series: I’ve Got This, Book 1

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader:   8-12 years
Easy flowing read for gymnasts within target range.  Word choices appropriate and will engage readers of all ages. Great for readers who enjoy reading a series with familiar characters – elementary and middle schoolers!

Gymnasts will enjoy this story of Trista, an 8-year-old who decides she wants to try gymnastics with only tumbling experience.  She is new to town,  new to the sport, and determined to make the Level 3 compulsory team.  Along the way, she realizes that there is a lot more to gymnastics than just tumbling, but with hard work and persistency, Trista’s motto is “I’ve got this!” and gymnasts will love to see her progress over the summer.

You can also read our interview with the author, Melisa Torres, and guide to the other books in the series.


gymnastics books jittersGymnastics Jitters

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 8-11 years
Easy flow for readers of all ages.  Glossary provided in the back for words that may need a definition.  Writing prompts provided as well.  Great for elementary and middle schoolers!

Sportsmanship is a huge part of gymnastics.  Gymnasts will enjoy this story of how the Raiders Gymnastics Team overcame bullying, good sportsmanship, the power of visualization and positive self talk and taking the higher road in challenging situations.




gymnastics books older kidsBalance Beam Boss

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 8-11 years
Easy flow for readers of all ages.  Glossary provided in the back for words that may need a definition.  Writing prompts provided as well.  Great for elementary and middle schoolers!

Every gymnast will face an injury at some point in her career.  Gymnasts will enjoy this story of 12-year-old Sophia, who was used to being the best, and her journey of overcoming an injury that resulted in a mental block on her strongest event. This book is a great resource for normalizing mental blocks and teaches gymnasts to talk to a parent, coach, or friend when fear is affecting their performance to reduce risk of further injury.


simone biles story The Story of Simone Biles

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 6-9 years
Provides words that may have questions or younger readers may not know/bigger words in bold print to easily find in the glossary. Questions to engage the reader throughout the book. Words and topics broken down for younger readers. Great for upper elementary & middle school readers!

Younger gymnasts will enjoy this journey of highlights of Simone Biles’ life in chronological order with detailed timelines.  Discover the sacrifices she made to become the greatest gymnast of all time. This book is easier to read for younger gymnasts than Trailblazers: Simone Biles.



trailblazers story simone biles gymnastics booksTrailblazers: Simone Biles Golden Girl of Gymnastics

Check it out on Amazon here.

Target Reader: 8-12 years
More in-depth with more detailed information that readers may have questions about. Slightly choppy that may be confusing for younger readers, as it switches between the story, details about the history of gymnastics, specific information about events and other gymnasts within Simone’s story. Provides a glossary for terms that may be unfamiliar.  Great for older middle schoolers!
*This book does contain some slightly detailed information regarding the USAG scandal that may lead to questions for young readers.*

In this detailed account of Simone Biles’ life, gymnasts will also embark on a journey of learning the history of gymnastics and the Olympics and how the sport has progressed for women over the years.  This book provides readers with a descriptive timeline of Simone’s life, from birth to preparing for the 2020 Olympics – the sacrifices it required to be the best.



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    There is a book for 8-12 year olds from decades ago that was my favorite and sparked my lifelong love for gymnastics. Its called “The Little Gymnast” by Sheila Haigh

    Here is the Goodreads Synopsis: With a lot of work and determination, Anda becomes the best gymnast in her class but family money is tight and she must win the regional championship and the accompanying scholarship or give up gymnastics completely.


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