5 Simple Gymnastics Drills To Help you Clean Up Your Form

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Do you struggle with keeping a tight body position during your gymnastics skills ? Does your coach always get on you about cleaning up your form?

We put together a video with 5 simple gymnastics drills you can do to help you clean up your form.

5 Simple Gymnastics Drills to Help you Clean Up Your Form

1. Hollow Chest Shaping Drill– This is the first drill in this video. Lay on the floor in a flat, tight body position with your stomach on the ground.  Squeeze your core muscles so that your chest lifts off the ground (more advanced gymnasts try to get your stomach off the ground). 

2.  Hollow Core Shaping Drill– This is the second drill in this video at 25 seconds. Lay on the floor in a flat, tight body position with your back on the ground. Push your lower back into the floor while rolling your hips forward. Make sure you are squeezing your core muscles. 

3. Spiderman Handstand– This is the third drill in this video at 53 seconds. Get into a handstand position with your stomach flat against a wall. You want to try to get in as tight of a straight body position as possible.

4. Straight Leg Taps– This is the fourth drill in this video at 1:13. With straight legs put your foot in front of you and tap it on the ground and lift 10x. Focus on keeping your leg completely straight and your feet pointed.

5. Open Shoulder Walks– This is the fifth drill in this video at 1:33. Get in an open shoulder push-up position. Try to stay completely tight in a slightly hollow body position while you walk forwards, backwards and sidewards.


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