5 Minute Summer Sidewalk Gymnastics Workout

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Since we know our gymnasts can’t help doing gymnastics…well, everywhere, we’ve put together this 5 minute sidewalk gymnastics workout that would be a great addition to any gymnast’s regimen this summer! You can also tweak this workout for the beach or your favorite place to be outdoors!

Check out the video – we hope you enjoy! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @gymnasticshq when you give it a try!

Here is the workout:

5 Minute Summer Sidewalk Gymnastics Workout

  • Sprints – 40′ x 5 sets (walk back to starting point after each set)
  • Lunges – 10 (each leg) x 2 sets with a 10 second break between sets — make sure your knees don’t pass your foot!)
  • Forward Kicks – ~20′ x 2 sets (make sure your chin and chest are up, legs straight and toes pointed!)
  • Side Kicks – ~20′ x 2 sets
  • Back Kicks – ~20′ x 2 sets
  • High Relevé Walks Forward – ~20′ x 2 sets
  • High Relevé Walks Backwards – ~20′ x 2 sets
  • Leap the Creek – 5x (You can use the cracks in the sidewalk or a jump rope! You can also start smaller and get bigger to challenge yourself!)
  • Leaps – 5x (You can use any entrance/any way you want to do them!)


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  • @StarWarsRey June 19, 2021, 5:47 pm


    this post was really helpful! Our house is being remolded, so I currently have no place to practice gymnastics. More posts like this would be GREAT! Thank you so much gymnasticshq! You are a lifesaver

    • gymnasticshq June 23, 2021, 10:34 am

      So glad you found this helpful!


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