Guide to Buying Gymnastics Leotards Online

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buy gymnastics leotards

It can be hard to know exactly what kind of leotard to buy your gymnast. There are so many different materials, brands, some expensive leotards along with some cheaper ones.  Leotards are what most girls wear to gymnastics class

I know when I first started doing gymnastics, the weren’t many options for where you could buy your gymnastics leotard. You either bought your leotard at the gym in their pro shop, or you bought a basic leotard from a big box store. Now, there are many more options for where you can buy your leotards online.

We’ve put together a guide to buying gymnastics leotards. We will cover:

  • leotard fabric choices
  • leotard styles
  • some of our favorite leotards in different colors & themes
  • gymnastics leotard brands
  • how to wash your leotards

Popular Leotard Fabrics

popular gymnastics leotard fabrics

GK Stars 3 Color Leotard/Danskin Solid Sparkle Leotard/k-Bee Purple Velvet Leotard

There are several different types of fabrics that leotards are made from, and it’s an important factor when you are deciding what to buy. Below are some pros and cons of each fabric.

Spandex: Spandex or Lycra leotards (Lycra is a brand name for spandex) are a very popular fabric for gymnastics leotards. Spandex leotards are very stretchy so they fit tight to a gymnast’s skin and move when she moves. Spandex leotards are lightweight and breathable.

Hologram/Metallic: Hologram or metallic fabric is a shiny, lightweight, sparkly fabric. Great for wearing in the summer because of their breathable nature. Some hologram fabric doesn’t have as much give to it as spandex or velvet fabrics, so they could be less comfortable. Hologram, metallic or foil fabrics are more likely to fade and dull with wear and washing.

Velvet or Velour: Velvet is a heavier and thicker fabric than both hologram and spandex fabrics. Velvet leotards are very soft! They also don’t stick to your skin quite as tight, so they don’t show every indentation or move in your body.

Popular Leotard Styles

gymnastics leotard styles

Foxy’s Donut Leotard/ Daxiang Long Sleeve Leotard/ Destira Be-You-Tiful Unitard

Tank: Tank or sleeveless leotards are the most common style that gymnasts wear to the gym for classes or for team practice. They are cool and allow free range-of motion for every day practice.

Long Sleeve Leotards: Long sleeve leotards or 3/4 sleeve leotards are most commonly used by gymnasts when they compete. The long sleeves give a sleeker look which is important when gymnasts are being judged.

Unitards: Some young gymnasts prefer one-piece unitards for their more complete coverage without having to wear shorts over their leotard.

Rainbow Leotards

rainbow leotards

Rainbow seems to be all-the-rage lately, so we’ve rounded up some rainbow print leotards!

Unicorn Leotard: This rainbow unicorn leotard is super cute and is a nice cheap leotard option.

Bath Bomb Leotard: This leotard has purple, blue, aqua, pink and a faux glitter gold print.

GK Rainbow Fields Leotard: This high-quality GK leotard would make a great addition to your rainbow-loving gymnast’s leotard collection.

Sparkly Leotards

sparkly gymnastics leotards

GK Pink Diamonds Leotard: This sparkly bright pink leotard has sequins that give it a “diamond” effect. Super cute!

Sparkle On, Pony Leotard: We love this sparkly pony leotard. It has lots of shimmer and is great for young gymnasts!

Snowflake Laser Tag Leotard: This orange and yellow leotard has such bright colors and great shimmer! It also comes in purple and pink.

best gymnastics leotard brands

Gymnastics Leotard Brands:

Foxy’s Leotards: Foxy’s makes quality gymnastics leotards that are reasonably-priced. They have a bunch of whimsical print leotards that are mostly made of spandex. They also carry some ultra soft leotards made from velvet.

Snowflake Designs: Snowflake design leotards are moderately priced. They make some print leotards, and also some sparkly holographic leos.

GK Leotards: GK makes high-quality leotards that are on the more expensive side. They make a leotards with lots of sparkle including rhinestones and holographic prints.


how to wash gymnastics leotards

How to Wash Leotards

Most leotards can be turned inside out and washed in cold water. Most leotards can also be tumble dried on low. Do not iron because this can cause some fabrics to melt. Fabric softeners can cause foil or fabrics to discolor and sometimes can cause rhinestones or other embellishments to fall off.


  • wash in cold water
  • wash inside out


  • use fabric softener
  • iron

where to buy gymnastics leotards

Where to Buy Gymnastics Leotards:

  • Amazon: Amazon is my favorite place to shop for gymnastics leotards online because it’s the cheapest. Leotards are less expensive here than at other online stores, and often you can find something you like on Amazon. You do have to spend some time looking around. They carry some of my favorite brands including GK, Snowflake Designs, TumbleWear and Lizatards.
  • Deary’s Gym Supply: Deary’s Gym Supply doesn’t have a large selection, but they have high-quality GK Elite brand leotards at less expensive prices. Shipping starts at $5. Deary’s Gym Supply is a specialty gymnastics store. 
  • Foxy’s Leotards: Foxy’s has some super cute, very trendy leotards at good prices!
  • GymnasticsHQ Shop: We stock some leos in our own shop. Check them out!

If you check out all those stores listed above, I’m sure you will find a leotard you love!


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  • Sheila September 8, 2013, 8:31 am

    Put her in gymnastics.

  • Jen December 10, 2013, 1:16 am

    I found a great selection at

    Jen 🙂

  • LaDonna September 12, 2014, 10:28 pm

    Snowflake Designs sells cool leotards at affordable prices. Check out the workout wear section, or Sales section for great bargains. Several times a year they sell their “grab bag leotards” really cheap.

  • Gabs November 16, 2019, 5:26 pm

    Another cite is plumpracticewear, there leos are not only beautiful but affordable so are kbees

  • Eleanor December 24, 2019, 12:52 pm

    I found at great site for discount leotards, GK included.

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    This is a great website for high quality gymnastics leotards, their customer service and delivery is amazing too!

  • PRE TEAM OH YA June 24, 2021, 3:15 pm

    This has nothing to do with leo’s But can I do both
    Gymnastics and karate without having to quit karate

    • Ashley July 2, 2021, 7:55 pm

      You can definitely can, although if you start to train more and are on a team it may be difficult to find the time for both.

  • Gymnast July 2, 2021, 8:07 pm

    As a level 9 gymnast, I train a lot and have tried lots of different leotard brands. These are my suggestions to any gymnast or family member of a gymnast looking for leotards:
    -For gymnasts who love bling and sparkly leos I recommend Chalk Warrior! Positives: Beautiful designs and comfy fabric. Negatives: Pretty expensive and they are double lined, which makes them comfortable but hot for summer workouts.
    -GK is also great! They have partnered with great gymnasts such as Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, and Katelyn Ohashi to make their collections, and the quality is great so they last a while. Some cons are that they are sometimes uncomfortable and can be expensive.
    -Sylvia P is another favorite! They are known for having super cool backs, and while they can be expensive, they are also very comfortable for long practices!
    -Plum Practicewear is my go-to for inexpensive leos, with prices as low as $16, and they also have comfortable fabric.
    -My #1 favorite is Salute leos because they have incredibly comfortable fabric for a good price and you can not only choose the print you want, but also the style including different thicknesses and colors for the straps, and you can choose between different back styles!


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