Gifts for Gymnast: 10 Gift Ideas for the Gymnast in Your Life

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Here are some gift ideas for gymnasts. Also here are 100 Gymnastic Gift Ideas.

  1. Leotard: Since leotards are what gymnasts wear to the gym, they are a natural choice for a gift! Here is a list of where to buy leotards online.gymnastics gift cell phone case
  2. Biker Shorts: Many gymnasts wear biker shorts on top of their leotards when working out or taking classes at the gym.
  3. Gymnastics T-Shirt: Amazon has some cute and empowering gymnastics t-shirts that make great gifts.
  4. Pull-Up Bar: A pull-up bar is a way for your gymnast to practice and improve her upper body strength at home. Pull-up bars are easily installed in a bedroom or playroom doorway and can be taken down at any time. Also check out other home gymnastics equipment.
  5. Gymnastics PinsIt’s popular for gymnasts to pin gymnastics pins on their gym bags, grip bags or gymnastics warm-up suits. These can make cute “good luck” gifts before meets.
  6. Gymnastics Book: It can be hard to find gymnastics books in bookstores but Amazon has a nice selection online. Make sure you check when the book was published before purchasing; gymnastics books from more than 10 years ago can be very outdated.
  7. Ggift for gymnastymnastics Poster: There are a ton of motivating posters to choose from–you can surely find one that will inspire the gymnast in your life!
  8. Grip Bag: Grip bags are the bags that gymnasts use to hold their gymnastics grips, wrist bands, tape and other supplies they need for bars.
  9. Home Gymnastics Equipment: Other than a pull-up bar there is other home gymnastics equipment you can buy. I’ve put together a list of home gymnastics equipment I think is helpful.
  10. Gymnastics Movie: There aren’t a ton of gymnastics movies but there are a few. The most recent, popular movie is Stick It.

For more ideas check out my gymnastics gifts board on Pinterest and my Amazon store

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