The 10 Most Popular Gymnastics Gifts of 2019

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Top 10 Gymnastics gifts of 2019

We’ve carefully curated the Top 10 Gymnastics Gifts of this year. We’ve created this list based on data we’ve gathered from several different places for the last year! Any of the items on this list would make great gifts for the gymnasts in your life!

So here it is. The top 10 gifts of 2019…

1. You Got This Zipper Pull – this customizable zipper pull has been flying off the shelves. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or add-on to another gymnastics gift. Your gymnast will love seeing this on her gym or meet bag for some added inspiration!

You Got This Gymnastics Zipper Pull


2. Mindset Meet Journal by GymnasticsHQ – This journal was released in September and since then has been one of the most popular gymnastics journals out there. But don’t be fooled. This journal is not a notebook. It is a valuable resource packed with mindset tools to help your gymnast succeed. Don’t take our word for it. Trust the hundreds of gymnasts who have bought and used this journal to do better at their meets this past season!

This Gymnastics Mindset Meet Journal is an amazing gift for your competitive gymnast.

3. I Rock Kips, Flips & Grips Gymnastics T-Shirt – This gymnastics t-shirt has been a hit from the start and gymnasts can’t get enough of this slogan. Any gymnast would appreciate a shirt that mentions all the things near and dear to her heart. Plus it’s super soft.

I rock flips, kips & grips gymnastics t-shirt

4. Watch Me Flip Glittery Gymnastics T-Shirt – This glittery version is an update from the original and is sure to please even the pickiest of gymnasts. The words will shimmer and sparkle as your gymnast flips upside down to show off her skills.

Watch Me Flip Gymnastics Shirt

5. Don’t Wish For It Work For It Rainbow Grip Bag – All gymnasts need a good quality grip bag and this one combines style with motivation. At its relatively low price point, this is a great gift for any gymnast.

Rainbow grip bag for gymnastics

6. Home Beam from DGS – This at-home beam is a popular choice amongst gymnastics families who want to help their gymnast practice her skills at home. It is sturdy and made of good quality material to make this a clear choice on our list.

Great home beam for at home use gymnastics

7. Simone Biles’ MasterClass Course – One of the things that appeals the most to us with this course is the relatable feeling you get when you watch Simone talk about her struggles. While the gymnastics drills and skills might be better suited for a coach, the mental tips from Simone are well worth the price tag of this video course.

Simone Biles gymnastics masterclass


8. Glittery Rose Gold Gymnast Makeup Bag – This bag has been super popular and is a great way to keep your gymnast’s hair supplies and chapstick in one easy to reach place for her meets. The rose gold glitter shimmers.

Glittery Gymnast Makeup bag


9. Chalk Up Buttercup Sweatshirt – This Chalk Up Buttercup hooded sweatshirt will keep your gymnast cozy from classroom to the gym. Your gymnast will love the incredibly soft feel of this vintage jersey. Smoke grey with a white print.

Chalk Up Buttercup Gymnastics Sweatshirt


10. Tumbl Trak Tumbling Mats – These mats are the perfect addition to your home gymnastics gym. They come in different sizes and color combinations. There is velcro on both ends and you can get them in different thickness levels.

Tumbl Trak tumbling gymnastics mats



Honorable Mention

11. Glittery Water Bottle – these bottles consist of glitter that moves as your gymnast drinks. They have the word GYMNAST on the side in vinyl. They come in different color combinations. They are brand new but have been flying off the shelves so we think these are going to be a fan favorite.Pink glitter water bottle with white gymnast

12. GymnasticsHQ Confident Gymnast Coloring & Activity Book – this brand new coloring book is a great gift for any gymnast. With 50 pages of gymnastics coloring and other activities, your gymnast will LOVE this book.

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  • Erin Newberry December 17, 2019, 9:39 am

    The Chalk Up buttercup sweatshirt is adorable! But what does it say beneath that?

    • gymnasticshq December 28, 2019, 6:44 pm

      It says “be Flippin fierce”

  • Zoe September 23, 2020, 1:02 pm

    I have always wanted to do gymnastics but mom won’t listen to me. I can do a front flip but can’t land it.


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