The Ultimate Gymnast Gift Guide

When I was thinking about a gymnastics gift ideas for this year, I set out to create the ULTIMATE gymnast gift guide. I didn’t want to set a goal number of gifts for myself (like I did last year with 100 Gymnastics Gift Ideas), I was just  determined to scour the internet for the best gifts that any gymnastics-loving gymnast would want. I hope I have succeeded. You also might want to check out The Best Gifts for your Gymnast: 2015 Edition.

Below you will find 81 different ideas- gymnastics stocking stuffers, home gymnastics equipment, gymnastics books and videos, leotards, gymnastics cell phone cases, gymnastics accessories, gifts for the gymnast’s room, and gifts for the family. I hope you find gifts in this gift guide that will make your gymnast so happy on Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) morning!

gymnastics stocking stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

eos Lip Balm Set– This EOS lip balm set is a perfect stocking stuffer for your gymnast to throw in her gym bag. Gyms can be very dry because of all the chalk in the air. This lip balm set will ensure your gymnast has perfectly moisturized lips!

eos Hand Lotion Pack– In addition to the lip balm, your gymnast will need some hand lotion to keep moisturized! And these are perfect on-the-go size to throw into your gym bag.

Gymnastics Water Bottle– This Keep Calm and do Gymnastics is a perfect addition to your gymnast’s gym bag, and would look great peeking out of the top of a stocking!

Boo Boo Couture Ice Bag– Everyone that sees this pink polka-dotted ice bag thinks it’s so cute! And so do I. Ice your injuries in-style with this ice bag.

Goody Ouchless No Metal Hair Elastics– This pack of goody ouchless hair elastics comes in a rainbow of colors, and would be a perfect stocking stuffer for any level gymnast.

Nastia Liukin Grip Key Chain– I love this Nastia Liukin grip key chain. It would look so cute attached to your gymnast’s gym bag or her school backpack .

Colored Athletic Tape– If your gymnast is an advanced competitive gymnast, then there are going to be times where she needs to tape up parts of her body. And what is more fun than colored athletic tape?! Athletic tape makes a great stocking stuffer for your gymnast.

Gymnast Luggage Tag– A personalized gymnast luggage tag is a great way to make sure your gymnast’s stuff doesn’t get mixed up with someone  else’s. You can personalize this luggage tag with just your gymnast’s name, or also with your address.

Gogo Wristbands– Add these inexpensive sweatbands to your grip-wearing gymnast’s stocking. They come in a bunch of colors and can be a nice replacement for the nasty chalk filled wristbands she’s currently wearing.

Nastia Liukin Lip Balm– Another lip balm option is Nastia Liukin’s strawberry flavored balm.

Colored Pre-Wrap– The only thing more fun than colored athletic tape is colored pre-wrap! You need pre-wrap when you are wrapping parts of your body so the athletic tape doesn’t yank at body hair when it comes off!

Tiger Balm– Tiger Balm is a pain relieving sports rub ointment. It’s a great stocking stuffer for more advanced gymnasts to relieve the stress of practice.


home gymnastics equipment gifts

For the Home Gym

One of the best gymnastics gifts is the ability to practice gymnastics at home. And for that, you need a piece or two of home gymnastics equipment.

Norberts Panel Mat– The first piece of home gymnastics equipment I would recommend is a panel mat. With a panel mat your gymnast can practice cartwheels, walkovers, splits, handstands and more safely, without having to do them on the bare floor or carpet.  Norberts makes a good quality home mat.  This is a standard multi-color panel mat, but they also have them in special designs. A less expensive option is to buy a cartwheel mat that has the beam line on the back, however these are best for little gymnasts because they are smaller and flimsier.

Norberts Balance Beam– The next piece of home gymnastics equipment I would recommend for your gymnast is a low beam. Your gymnast can practice walking different ways, her balance, scales, handstands, jumps and leaps right in your own home. A low beam is perfect for a playroom area, or basement. Home beams come in suede and carpet. Suede is what gymnasts use in competition. They also come in different size tops, 4″ is standard. A less expensive option is to buy a smaller sectional beam which just sits right on the floor.

Norberts Mini Bar Set– For the gymnast that really wants to practice gymnastics at home, and maybe already has a panel mat and balance beam, the mini bar is perfect. I like the mini bar and mat combo for safety. These mini bar sets are great for upper body strength, because the more you play around on it, the more  you are working your upper body muscles.  The Norberts Mini Bar is great with a nice thick mat underneath, but the Nastia Liukin Jr. Bar & Mat Combo is also a great option.

gymnastics books and video gifts

Gymnastics Books & Video Gifts

Beginning Gymnastics for Girls Video– This Beginning Gymnastics for Girls video has Coach Steve Nunno take you through gymnastics fundamentals and skill progressions. This DVD or the next one is a great pairing with any home gymnastics equipment. By watching a DVD like this both parents and gymnasts can better understand what skills to practice to improve your gymnastics.

Grace, Gold & Glory My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle  DouglasGabby Douglas is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. In her autobiography she describes how her faith and determination to overcome obstacles led her to take home gold medals at the 2012  Olympics.

Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy– Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy is the Amazon #1 Bestseller in Gymnastics books, probably because its a good, easy read for the beginner gymnast.

Essentials for Floor Exercise and Vault Featuring Olympic Champion Paul Hamm ( 3 DVD Set)– This 3 DVD set has Olympic Champion Paul Hamm taking you through exercises and skills to improve your Floor Exercise and Vault elements.  This DVD set would be great with a panel mat for your gymnast to improve at home.

Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson– Shawn Johnson was on the 2008 US Olympic Gymnastics team. She won three silver medals and one gold. In her memoir she writes about Beijing, injuries and her time on Dancing with the Stars. She ends each chapter with a “Lessons I’ve Learned” section.

Nadia Comaneci’s Letters to a Young Gymnast– Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast in Olympic history to earn a perfect score in gymnastics. Not only is Nadia Comaneci’s memoir a gymnastics book, but she also shares about conditions and struggles of life in Communist Romania, defecting to the United States, and training under legendary coach Bela Karolyi.

gymnastics leotards gifts


Nastia Liukin Line Enchanted Leotard- I love the colors in this v-neck workout leotard!

Nastia Liukin Line Frozen Leotard- This Frozen-inspired workout leotard is such a pretty color!

Matching Doll Set Leotards- Destira has a great collection of matching doll set leotards, one leotard for your gymnast and a matching one for your doll! (Click on Shop Now/ Accessories)

Destira Leotards- Destira leotards are great quality and they have a large collection.

Snowflake Designs LeotardsSnowflake designs leotards are also great quality and you can buy them conveniently on Amazon

Lizatards Elsa Crystal Snowflake LeotardI think this Elsa Frozen leotard is super cute! And I know all the little girls love Frozen.  Here is also another Frozen Snowflake Leotard with Matching Doll Leotard.

gym rat gear gifts

Gym Rat Gear

Love Gymnastics Yoga Pants– Yoga pants are the perfect pants to wear to practice in the winter, and what better yoga pants than ones that say “Love Gymnastics”. Update: These are no longer in stock, so I’ve linked to some different gymnastics leggings.

This Is My Handstand Shirt– This “This is My Handstand Shirt” shirt has been popular all year. With this one though you might want to order a bigger size because its fitted and can be a little small.

This is My Handstand TankI like this loose fitting “This is My Handstand Shirt” tank because its so easy to wear over a leotard!

Black & White Chevron Drawstring Backsack– If you don’t need a big duffle bag, then this backsack is perfect for holding your gymnastics gear for practice.  This can also be personalized with your name or monogrammed.

Under Armour Mini Headbands– These Under Armour Mini Headbands will keep all the hair out of your gymnast’s eyes during her workout.

Nastia Liukin Grip Bag– Every gymnast needs a grip bag to hold her grips, tape, prewrap, grip brush and any other miscellaneous items. If she doesn’t already have one, this would be a cute gift–the grip bag plus all the grip accessories inside.

Gymnast Capri Sweats– I like these gymnast capri sweats because I think they look a lot like the Victoria’s Secret sweats that some of the teens wear. But instead the crest says gymnastics. Perfect for wearing to the gym over your gymnast’s leotard in the winter.

Gymnast Pink Polka Dot Flannel Pants– These “Gymnast” flannel pants are the perfect gymnast gift! So cute!

Pink & White Chevron Stripes Duffle Bag– This monogrammable duffle bag is so cute to be able to use as a gym bag. And your gymnast will know exactly which bag is her after her name is applied!

I Don’t Sweat I Sparkle TankThis “I Don’t Sweat I Sparkle Tank” is another great gymnastics gift because your gymnast can wear it over her leotard to the gym.

Black Spandex Roll Over Gym Shorts– These black spandex roll over gym shorts are great biker shorts for wearing during practice. And they come in several different colors!

Gymnast/Flip V-Notch Knit ShortsThese v-notch “Cheerleading Shorts” are great for wearing during practice or in your gymnast’s free time. You can get them with either “Flip” or “Gymnast” on the back.

Drawstring Grip Bag– A mystique grip bag that comes in a variety of colors. This grip bag is made of material similar to what they use to make leotards.

gymnastics cell phone cases

Gymnastics Cell Phone Cases

Keep Calm and Be a Gymnast iPhone Case for 5c  for 5s, iPhone 6– I love the colors of this Hipster Keep Calm and Be a Gymnast IPhone case–they make them for both the 5c and 5s.

Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics Personalized Case for iPhone 5/5s , 5c, iPhone 6, also for Samsung Galaxy– This Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics comes in 8 different colors and can be personalized with your gymnast’s name.

Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics Glitter Hard Case for iPhone 6– This Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics glitter hard case comes in teal, hot pink and silver also!

Transparent Clear Hard Gymnast Case for 4 4s– This Ultra Thin Transparent Clear Hard Gymnast phone case is made for the 4/4s and comes in a bunch of different colors!

I’d Rather Be Tumbling for Iphone 5s– This I’d Rather Be Tumbling iPhone 5s phone case is made of hard plastic bumpers for good iPhone protection.

Colorful Gymnastics Text Design Case for iPhone 5c– I also love the colors of this gymnastics text design case for the iPhone 5c.

Gymnastics Purple & Black Text Design Case for iPhone 5  for 4/4s– This Gymnastics/Gymnast Handmade word collage case is made for both iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4/4s.

Peace, Love, Gymnastics Case for iPhone 6 and for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c– This Hipster Peace, Love, Gymnastics case has the same pretty colors as the one above, but is made for the iPhone 6.

gymnastics accessories

Gymnastics Accessories

Gymnastics Heart Pink Crystals Necklace– I think this pink crystals heart necklace is such a cute gymnastics gift for a little girl. The chain is silver plated.

Live, Love, Gymnastics Sweatshirt– This black hoodie with lots of glitter and pink rhinestones is perfect for the cold winter. Here is a similar design in t-shirt form.

Gymnastics Pins– Competitive gymnasts love to decorate their gym bags with pins to celebrate levels or accomplishments.

Gymnastics Bottlecap Necklaces– These gymnastics bottlecap necklaces are a cute gymnastics gift and accessory for the younger gymnast.

Sports Bra– For older gymnasts, sports bras are a necessity to wear underneath their leotards. I love these Champion ones.

Small Gymnastics Bag for Girls– This small gymnastics duffel bag will carry your younger gymnast’s stuff with ease. It’s especially perfect if she goes straight from school to gymnastics class for holding her leotard and snack.

Grips– Does your gymnast need to start wearing grips? Or need a new pair? I’ve linked my guide to buying grips online.

Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. Repeat Sweatshirt– This is the perfect gift for the competitive gymnast, a sweatshirt that speaks to all the hours she spends in the gym!

Gymnastics Scrapbook Kit & Stickers– This scrapbook kit and extra Gymnastics stickers would make a great gift for the scrap-booking gymnast.

Coleman Stadium Seat– This gift is definitely for the ‘rents! Make gymnastics meets a little more comfortable with this inexpensive fold-able stadium seat. The side straps can also be loosened for a flat two-person cushion instead of a one-person seat.

Train Hard or Go Home Folder– A little girl power for school! Train Hard or Go Home Folder is perfect for the hard-core gymnast.

Gymnastics Drawstring Bag– Gymnastics drawstring bag made of grey fleece material.

for the gymnasts room gift guide

For the Gymnast’s Room

Gymnast Medal Hanger– Gymnast medal hanger made of metal. Comes in Purple and Green. Perfect gift for your gymnast’s room so she can display all her hard won medals!

Gymnastics St. Street Sign– Use this Gymnastics St. Street Sign to decorate your gymnast’s room.

Gymnastics Pillowcase– Pink and White pillowcase with a collage of gymnastics words. Your gymnast will love taking this to sleepovers!

Gymnastics Collage Wall Decal– Your gymnast can use this gymnastics word collage wall decal to transform her bedroom.

“If you don’t leap you’ll never know what it’s like to Fly” Decal– I love the way this motivational gymnastics wall decal looks. This wall decal comes in 9 different colors so you can match your gymnast’s bedroom.

I love Gymnastics Wall Sticker– This classic “I love gymnastics” wall decal with a handstand was one of the most popular gifts from last year!

Gabby Douglas Decal– This “Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made” Gabby Douglas quote is great motivation for your gymnast! Perfect for hanging on her bedroom wall.

Custom Gym Medals Hanger– This wood medal hanger can be customized with your gymnast’s name. It comes in red and blue.

Flexy Lexy Doll– I used to love playing with a doll like this in the gym growing up, we called it “Flexy Lexy”, and it makes a great gift for a gymnast because she can come home and show her parents all the cool skills she is learning by demonstrating with the doll!

christmas gymnastics gifts

Christmas Gymnastics Gifts

Gymnastics Girl Personalized Holiday Ornament– This gymnastics girl ornament can be personalized with your gymnast’s name.

I Heart Gymnastics Ornament– This I Heart Gymnastics Ornament is the perfect whimsical addition to your tree!

Girl Gymnast Christmas Ornaments Set of 2–  These cute girl gymnast Christmas ornaments come in a set of two.

Gymnast Girl Personalized 2014 Holiday Ornament– I think these personalized gymnast girl ornaments are so cute, I had to include two and this one includes the year.

Gymnast Blue Stocking– This blue gymnast stocking will house all your gymnast’s stocking stuffers perfectly.

Gymnastics Holiday Gift Tags– Add a personal touch to your gymnast’s Christmas gifts with these gymnastics holiday gift tags.

What are your favorite gymnastic gift ideas on this gift guide for gymnasts? What do you want to receive this year?

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