7 SkillTrakker Preview Workouts that You Can Do this Summer

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I’m so excited to announce the next challenge, the June & July Super Double SkillTrakker Challenge! skilltrakker prize This challenge will take place over 2 months and focus on improving 2 skills. To reward the winners (the participants who do every single workout over the 2 months) there will be an extra special prize–this tank top!!

The two skills will be a Switch Leap and a Press Handstand. I’m super excited for the two month time frame so that we can see huge improvement on these two skills!

SkillTrakker is a subscription program, with daily workouts to help you improve your gymnastics. Every other month there is a challenge and the daily workouts are focused on improving one skill (or in this case, two skills). To give you a preview of what the workouts are like, I’m sharing with you some of the SkillTrakker gymnasts’ favorites, and my favorites for the results they get!

I hope you will sign up for SkillTrakker, and with it the June/July challenge, but if not here is a preview of 7 gymnastics workouts you can do at home.

1. Domino Relevé Practice

We will be doing the first 2 drills in this video. You need dominos or something else to substitute (could be bean bags, but nothing sharp!). The SkillTrakker gymnasts seem to have so much fun doing this drill!

  • First do a relevé hold for 10 seconds trying not to touch the domino. Repeat 3x.
  • Next, set dominos up along a beam or the floor. Holding high relevé walk the length trying not to knock down the dominos. Do 3x.

2. GymHQ Kick Complex #1

Kick complexes are great for teaching body position and lead to better dance skills. Do these kicks up and down a room, or mat. You can see these kicks in the first part of this video.

  • With your arms out to the side, and chin up, kick forwards 20 times alternating legs (10 per side) while moving across the room.
  • Kick backwards 20 times alternating legs
  • Then kick sideways 20 times alternating legs.

3. GymHQ Kick Complex #2

This kick complex has exercises that will help you improve your leaps. Go up and down a panel mat (or similar length section of floor). Each exercise should be for 1 pass.

  • Kicks forward
  • Kicks backward
  • Kicks sidewards (alternating)
  • Needle Kicks (You can see needle kicks at 3:14 in the video under Kick Complex #1 above)
  • Alternating Split Leaps (You can see these in the video above at 1 minute 4 seconds)
  • Straight Leg Skips (You can see these in the video above at 1 minute 45 seconds)
  • Connected Sissones (You can see these in the video above at 1 minute 22 seconds)

4. Spiderman Against the Wall

Spiderman Against the Wall is my favorite exercise for teaching a squeezed, tight-body, handstand position. We did a variation of this exercise every single day during the previous handstand challenge, and while I’m sure everyone was getting tired of it, all of the participants made tremendous progress!

  • Hold a Spiderman Handstand against the wall for 20 seconds (or as long as you can do it if you can’t do it the full 20 seconds). Do 4x. Concentrate on holding a straight body position, with your bottom squeezed, legs straight and toes pointed.

5. Gravity Assisted Wall Angels

Gravity assisted and resisted wall angels are exercises done to improve your shoulder flexibility. You need good shoulder flexibility to be able to do a completely straight-body handstand.

  • Do 10 gravity assisted wall angels drills (You can see this at 26 seconds in the video above)
  • 10 gravity resisted wall angel drills (You can see this drill at 1 minute in the video above)

6. Tuck Opens to Handstand

You can see the tuck opens to handstand exercise in the first part of the video above. This exercise is great for helping you master a correct handstand shape.

  • Put your hands on the ground with your feet in front of you. Tuck your legs in and and then push them straight up to handstand. Then lower your feet to the ground.
  • Repeat 10x. Make sure you are getting your legs over your shoulders, over your hands.

7. Leap the Creek


Leap the creek is a great drill to get down the correct motion of a split leap, where you start on one foot and end on the other. To see this in the instagram above, skip to the second video.

  • Set two jump ropes (or any other rope-like thing in your house) about a foot apart. Stand on one foot with your dominant leg raised slightly in front of you. “Leap” over the ropes so that you land on your dominant leg with the other leg raised behind you. You want to go from standing on one foot, to standing on the other. Repeat 10x.

I hope you enjoy these workouts–and I really hope you will join us for the June & July SkillTrakker Challenge. And no need to wait, as soon as you sign up, you can get started improving 🙂

Sign up for SkillTrakker and the June & July Challenge Today! 

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