5 Quick Facts About Gymnastics at The 2020 Olympics

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gymnastics at olympics 2020

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed a year, there have been some changes made this year that are different than any other year and some of these changes will only be effective for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There have also been some changes to the gymnastics team structure! We have put together a list of some interesting facts about gymnastics 2020 Tokyo Olympics and hope that you enjoy them!

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5 Facts About The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • The women’s gymnastics team will be made up of 4 gymnasts instead of 5. This year’s Olympic Team is: Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles & Grace McCallum. See more about the members of the US Women’s Gymnastics Team here. Each country is then allowed two additional gymnasts that can compete as individuals. Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner will be going to the Olympics as individuals for the US. The format of team qualifications is 4-4-3, so all four gymnasts compete on each of the 4 events but only the top 3 scores count. In the team finals the format is 4-3-3, so there are 4 gymnasts on the team but only 3 compete and then all 3 scores count. Prior to the 2012 Beijing Olympics, the women’s gymnastics olympic team consisted of 6 gymnasts. In 2024 the size of the gymnastics teams will return to 5 gymnasts.
  • Jade Carey secured an individual spot to compete at the Olympics prior to the Olympic Trials mathematically through the International Gymnastics Federation’s (FIG) World Cup Series in 2019. If she had opted to try to earn a team spot and then decided to compete on the team, the US would have only been able to send 5 gymnasts- since this individual spot was earned by her, and it’s hers alone.
  • Multiple gymnasts came out of retirement to try to make the Olympic team. These gymnasts are Chellsie Memmel (9yr retirement), Laurie Hernandez (4.5yr retirement after the 2016 Rio Olympics), & MyKayla Skinner (2019 Elite comeback- she was previously an alternate at the 2016 Olympics) MyKayla Skinner was the only one of the 3 to compete in the Olympic Trials and she secured an individual specialist spot to represent the USA!  She has announced that the Olympics will be her last competition. After the Olympics, Skinner will go pro and retire from competing – she will complete her college degree, where she is a senior at the University of Utah, but will not be competing for the NCAA any longer. Skinner set a collegiate record while on the University of Utah’s Red Rocks Gymnastics Team – a 161 streak of competitions without a fall, setting a record. She also achieved 3 NCAA career perfect 10’s on floor.
  • In the past 2 Olympics (2012 London & 2016 Rio) the top 3 countries in terms of medals are the US, Russia and China.
    • USA – 14 medals
    • Russia – 10 medals
    • China – 4 medals
      This year the coordinator for the US Olympic Gymnastics Team is Tom Forster. Before he was hired in 2018, it had been either Bela or Marta Karolyi for 19 years.
  • The average age of the 2020 Olympic Team this year is 20 1/4years old! This is the 2nd oldest US team!
    • 2016 Final Five’s average age was 19.8 years old
    • 2012 Fierce Five’s average age was 18.4 years old
    • 2008 Olympic team average age was 18.2 years old
    • 2004 Olympic team average age was 21.2 years old 
    • 2000 Olympic team average age was 19.5 years old

We can’t wait to cheer on the US at the Olympics!

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