10 Surprising Reasons to Sign Your Child up for Ninja Classes

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ninja classes
Ninja classes have been sweeping the nation and are now offered at many gymnastics gyms. And there’s a good reason! Ninja classes have many benefits for your child. I’m going to give you 10 reasons to sign your child up for Ninja classes today.

But first, do you know why Ninja classes are so popular?

Ninja classes are a result of the successful sports entertainment competition that is a spin-off of the Japanese television series Sasuke. The American Ninja Warrior show airs on Mondays on NBC.

On the show contestants compete against each other to see who can complete crazy obstacle courses that include balance obstacles, upper-body obstacles and rope climbs. If you’ve never watched it, it’s pretty crazy!

Ninja classes are designed to teach your child and help them develop the skills they would need to complete obstacle courses like the ones on the show. Ninja classes combine skills inspired by gymnastics, parkour and martial arts.

Want a free Ninja Coloring Sheet?

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Now on to 10 reasons Ninja classes are great–other than that your child will have so much fun!!

  1. Ninja classes will make your child strong.

    Obstacle courses are designed to develop upper-body and leg strength. Learning to swing on rings and climb ropes strengthens arm and chest muscles. Jumping up and down mats and blocks will strengthen your child’s legs.

    If you’ve ever seen the Salmon Ladder on American Ninja Warrior, you know that it takes serious strength! Ninja classes teach progressions that work up to it.
  2. Ninja classes will make your child a well-rounded athlete, and teach them skills that are important in other sports.

    Strength, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility are all skills that are useful in other sports. Signing your child up for Ninja classes will set them up for success later if they choose to specialize in a different sport.

  3. Ninja classes will teach your child to jump.

    Learning to navigate Ninja obstacles is very similar to Parkour, a training disciple that developed from military obstacle course training. A study was done on jump performances of Parkour practitioners compared to gymnasts and power athletes, and Parkour athletes outperformed in both vertical and long jump tests.

  4. Ninja classes will teach your child body control.

    Learning how to complete obstacle courses forces you to learn how to use your body weight and muscles to your advantage. Tumbling skills also require control of your muscles, so while learning flips and rolls your child will be learning to control their body. This control will be helpful for your child all of his or her life.

  5. Ninja classes will improve your child’s agility.

    Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily. It’s one of the main components of success in many sports, and Ninja classes are a perfect place to improve it.

  6. Ninja classes will help to strengthen your child’s bones.

    When children participate in weight-bearing activities, their bones become stronger and denser. In Ninja classes, children are constantly working against gravity with the force of their weight to move their bodies. In the Parent’s Guide to Building Better Bones, studies have shown that adult bone health is related to the amount of physical activity done as a kid. So more exercise as a kid, equals stronger bones as an adult.

  7. Ninja classes will improve your child’s balance.

    Balance is important for navigating obstacles, and it’s taught in Ninja classes just like in gymnastics.

  8. Ninja classes will increase your child’s flexibility.

    Ninja’s need to be flexible in order to easily move their bodies up and over obstacles. According to the Mayo Clinic,

    Better flexibility may

    • improve your performance in physical activities
    • decrease your risk of injuries
    • help your joints move through their full range of motion
    • Enable your muscles to work most effectively

    All of these are reasons that flexibility is important, and Ninja classes will help improve it!

  9. Your child will learn how to fall.

    One of the first lessons in your child’s Ninja class will probably be how to fall. It’s important to try to minimize impact and absorb shock while protecting your head. A gymnastics gym is the perfect place to learn how to fall because of all of the mats and foam pits that can be used to practice falling safely.   Learning how to fall will help the habit become instinctual and protect your child from injuries later in life.

  10. Ninja classes will improve your child’s coordination.

    If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior you know that the contestants have a ton of hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Kids aren’t just born with this. Swinging from bars, climbing ropes and learning how to roll and tumble on floor mats-all of these exercises teach kids how to make their body do what their brain is telling them.

Many of the benefits of Ninja classes for children are similar to the benefits of gymnastics. Ninja classes teach many of the same skills and abilities, while giving your child a completely different, fun experience!

So if these benefits of Ninja classes seem good to you, find a gymnastics gym near you that has Ninja classes and sign up today!

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