10 Morning Stretches You Can Do in Bed

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Start your morning off feeling accomplished even before getting out of bed. These 10 stretches will help get you limber and release any of that stress you have built up. These simple stretches were designed to be easy and quick, in addition, to improving your flexibility and mood. If your day is starting a little sooner than usual then just do each stretch one time.

  1. 5 slow deep breaths– Put one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. Focus on your breath and keep it controlled.
  2. Lying twists– Keep one leg straight and bring the other leg across your body, but keep it bent. Use your hand to help stretch if needed.
  3. Lying hammy stretch– Lay on your back with one leg in the air while grabbing the back of your foot or calf. Keep your leg straight and pull toward yourself.
  4. Seated pike stretch– Sit in a pike with straight legs and reach forward.
  5. Crossed legs forward fold– Cross your legs and reach forward.
  6. Child’s pose– Sit on your knees and reach forward. Try and keep your bottom on your heels.
  7. Pigeon pose– One leg is straight behind you and the other is bent in front of you. Reach forward and try to keep your hips square.
  8. Supported hip opener– Lay on your back and put your opposite heel on your knee. Pull your leg to you body.
  9. Shoulder stretch– Lace your fingers behind your back and lean forward. Bring your hands to the ceiling and hold.
  10. Butterfly stretch– Put your feet together and lean forward.

These stretches are a great way to start your morning. You can learn more about improving your flexibility here.


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    I’m trying to be a gymnast


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