10 Best Affirmations for Gymnasts

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affirmations for gymnasts

The thoughts you tell your self are very important. How you speak about your self is also very important. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts it will cause stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and depression.

Affirmations are short, positive statements set in the present tense that reflect the state of mind or condition you wish to obtain. So basically, what you want to happen–say it like it is happening! When said with confidence, they can help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

Saying affirmations every day is also a way to make sure you are saying more positive things to yourself than negative. Affirmations can help train your brain to thinking positively. This  helps you improve your confidence. Here are 10 of the best affirmations for gymnasts to help you improve your confidence so you become a better gymnast.

You can download these affirmations to print out and hang on your wall or over your desk.

affirmation cards

10 Best Affirmations for Gymnast

  1. I am doing my best
  2. I am brave, bold and beautiful
  3. I am proud of myself and my achievements
  4. I love myself
  5. I believe in myself
  6. I will not worry about the things I can not control
  7. I am becoming more confident
  8. I am loved
  9. I am healthy and happy
  10. I am full of potential

We hope these affirmations help with your gymnastics journey and with your everyday life.



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