Gymnastics Gear

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When you just start out in gymnastics–you don’t realize it’s a sport that can require lots of gear! Here is what you will need:

gymnastics leotards


Most gymnasts wear leotards to the gym. Here is more information on what your child should wear to gymnastics class.  Here are some easy places to buy leotards online:

gymnastics sports bras and shorts

Sports Bras & Biker Shorts

Older gymnasts need sports bras, and some prefer to wear biker shorts over their leotards.

Sports Bras- My favorite sports bras are sold by Target here, but I also shop for them on Amazon here.

Biker Shorts- You can buy great biker shorts for gymnasts at Destira, and on Amazon here.

 gymnastics grips

Grips – and Other Grip Necessities

Team gymnasts usually start wearing grips when they start to perform more advanced skills. Other gymnasts sometimes prefer to wear grips in order to protect their hands.  Here is a guide to buying grips and the other grip accessories you will need.


gym rat clothes

Gym Rat Clothes

Of course you will need gymnastics gym rat gear to wear to and from the gym and to hold all your stuff. Here are some gym rat clothes I’m loving now, and the Gym Rat Clothes Store.