Gymnastics Floor Music: Tips & Where to Buy

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Things to Consider when Choosing Gymnastics Floor Music

  • Tempo and Rhythm of Music:  The faster the tempo, or speed, of the music the more moving around the gymnast will have to do. If the gymnast is a great dancer with good endurance, faster can be great. If not, you might want to consider a slower track.
  • Age of Gymnast: If the gymnast is really young (less than 7) you might want some kind of “cutsey music”. If the gymnast is older the type of music should be more sophisticated based on her age. The best routines really capture the gymnast’s personality and match it with the music. For example, if the gymnast is a happy, energetic 6 year-old then a dramatic tango might not be the best musical fit. But if the gymnast has a flair for the dramatic, a tango could be the perfect choice!
  • Changes in Tempo: You will need some nice changes in tempo during the floor music track. You will want faster parts for tumbling passes and slower parts for dance skills. While you are listening to the floor music tracks you will want to identify which parts of the routine should go where in the music.
  • Specific Beats: You want the music to have identifying beats to help the gymnast remember her routine and give her audio cues to help her pace herself correctly.
  • Music the Gymnast Likes: Gymnastics should be fun–and this will be music she will dance to for the next year!
  • Length: You want to make sure the music is the right length. It needs to be long enough for the gymnast to be able to fit in all of the requirements but not exceed the max time (look at this chart of floor routine time limits).  If the routine exceeds the max time the gymnast will receive a deduction.
  • Absence of Voice: Make sure the music is instrumental; music with voice is a 1.00 deduction.
If you’re looking for gymnastics floor music your gym might have sample CDs for you to listen to. Or you can check out some of the options for buying floor music online.

Where Can You Buy Gymnastics Floor Music Online?


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