Gym Directory Instructions

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Are you a gym owner?

Here are more detailed instructions for submitting your gym or summer camp to the GymnasticsHQ Gym Directory.

You will need to register before you can submit a listing. This is so that you will have the option to come back later and edit or update your listing.

When you select “Submit A Listing“, you will first be directed to Category Selection.

      1. Category Selection

        You will need to choose whether you are going to submit a gymnastics gym listing, or a gymnastics summer camp listing. If you are a gym with a summer camp, you can first submit a gym listing and then a summer camp listing so that you will show up under both directory categories.

        Gymnastics Gym– If you are submitting a gym listing, you will next be directed to the basic or premium screen.

        Gymnastics Summer Camp– All summer camp listings are free.

      2. Fee/Upgrade Selection

        If you are submitting a gym listing you will need to choose between a basic and premium listing. Make your gym stand out with a fully loaded listing that includes pictures! Here is a comparison of what each listing includes:

        Basic  Fully Loaded
         ⇒Gym Basic Program Information & Description  ⇒Gym Basic Program Information & Description
         ⇒Gym Phone Number  ⇒Gym Phone Number
         ⇒Gym Address  ⇒Gym Address
         ⇒Google Map of Gym Location  ⇒Google Map of Gym Location
         ⇒Additional Gym Programs (Rhythmic, Cheerleading, Preschool, etc..) ⇒Additional Gym Programs (Rhythmic, Cheerleading, Preschool, etc..)
         ⇒Link to Gym Website
         ⇒Gym Contact Email
         ⇒Ability to Upload Pictures- of your Logo and of your gym

        Automatically Renew: To automatically renew your listing every month (in order to not have to do it manually), click the box at the bottom.

      3. Listing Information

        Most fields are self-explanatory but here is additional guidance for some fields which might be confusing:
        Short Description: The short description appears in the search results. Here is a good place to write a brief description of what you offer at your gym (or your summer camp) and your philosophy. Is it a gym for the serious gymnast? For a beginner gymnast that just wants to have fun ?
        Long Description: The long description is displayed when you click on a gym’s listing. The longer description may contain what type of classes, teams, activities your gym offers. Or if this is for a summer camp, you can include a description of what the schedule is at your summer camp, the hours, and the cost.
        City: If your city doesn’t show up, don’t worry. After you have submitted your listing, I will manually go in and add the city.
        Summer Camp Info URL: This is for summer camp listings.
        Other Programs Available: If you have a suggestion for another option that should be here, feel free to email me at gymnasticshq at gmail dot com.

      4. Listing Images

        If you want a premium listing, you can upload a picture of your logo and one optional photo–could be a picture of your gym.

      5. Payment

The following is an example listing:

gymnastics gym directory example listing