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Here is a guide to gifts for your gymnastics coach. I updated it this year, even though I might be a little late. You can however use these printable gymnastics gift tags on whatever gift you are giving your gymnastics coach:

Want printable gymnastics gift labels ?

gymnastics christmas labels

Since a gymnast’s coaches are such a huge part of a gymnast’s success, we should definitely show them some extra appreciation during the holiday season.  Many gyms will have some type of holiday party, which is a great reminder to give them something special.  Without a party, it might not be on your radar, so just in case here are some gift ideas for your gymnastics coach.

gift for gymnastics teacher

1. Baked Goods – Of course, a nice Thank You note and baked goods are always appreciated, especially if you there are a lot of coaches on your list.  I’d recommend putting the treats in a cute jar like this or this with some ribbon and this “Thanks for Being a Sweet Teacher” printable to spruce it up a little!

2. Nice coffee mug/thermos + (Starbucks giftcard)  – Since coaches frequently have early morning practices and late night practices to accommodate everyone’s busy school & activities schedules, they probably run on caffeine.  This is a great, practical gift for them.  Depending on the age and gender of the coach, here are some great ones to choose from: gymnastics coach mug

If you want to go the ‘great coach’ route–here’s a nice coffee mug.

Or the Best. Coach. Ever Mug.

Here’s a mug you can personalize with your coach’s name

For younger gymnasts who might want to personalize their gift–try this design your own mug

Keep Calm the Coffee’s On Mug– great for all ages/genders

A classic thermos, for the no-nonsense, practical coach

And save yourself some time and buy your Starbucks giftcard online.

3. Kindle – If a whole level/class/team wanted to contribute $5 to $10 per gymnast to buy a nice gift, I think this would be a great present.  Coaches are on the road a lot during competitive season, have frequent breaks at the gym in between classes, and breaks between meets. This would be a nice portable gift they could bring around with them.  Depending on how many gymnasts there are and how much each person is contributing, you could buy this cheaper Kindle, or this Kindle with a built in light that is a little more.

Gymnastics Meet Survival Kit

4. Gymnastics Meet Survival Kit- Gymnastics coaches are constantly dealing with problems at gym meets and putting together a little “Gym Meet Survival Kit” I think would be a cute idea.  Put all the items in a small bag (or grip bag!) so they can bring it with them to meets so they are always prepared for issues that come up! They will be thinking about how thoughtful you are all meet season!

  • Gym Meet Survival Kit bag– this simple grip bag would work
  • Athletic Tape– for taping up rips, or taping any other injury
  • Bobby Pins– These are multi-colored to blend in–for fixing gymnasts’ hair that just won’t stay put!
  • Antibiotic Ointment– for putting on rips with tape
  • Hair Ties– You can never have enough, and you never seem to have them at the right moment– now your coach will!
  • Hairspray– I know when I coached I always needed hairspray to fix my gymnasts hair!
  • Band-Aids– for any small injury
  • KIND Bars– a healthy snack to stave off hunger during long meet sessions
  • Tylenol– individual 2 packs, you can just put a couple of the packs in the survival kit!

5. Spa in a Basket – When I think of gifts for coaches, I tend to focus on gifts related to relaxation.  You can make your own spa in a basket or buy a pre-made one like this one , this one , or this one!

6. Luxury lotion – Along the same lines as the ‘spa in a basket’ idea, nice lotion is always a great gift for women in general, especially women coaches.  Being in a chalky gym all day definitely does a number on your skin, especially on your hands.


gymnastics coach ornament

7. Ornaments – On their tree for years to come!

Best Gymnastics Coach Ever

World’s Best Gymnastics Coach

Personalize an Ornament


gymnastics coach tshirt

8. Personalized Gymnastics Coach T-Shirt– Personalize a gymnastics coach t-shirt for your gym coach!

9. Gymnastics Books –

Gymnastics Psychology

gymnastics coaches notebook

10. Notepads – If your coach is one of those coaches that always has a notebook out making workouts, plans, keeping track of scores etc.

What’s Your Superhero Power?

Classic Route

Scorebook  for Girls

Scorebook for Boys

gymnastics coach frame

11. Frame – Give a frame with a picture of the group in it or even a collage of a lot of team pictures for them to hang in the gym. Choose either a basic one, or one where the kids can add signatures.

Coach Personalized Wood Frame

Gymnastics Coach Picture Frame

gift baskets

12. Gift Baskets – Because you can never go wrong with giving food!

Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

Broadway Basketeers Organic and Natural Healthy Gift Basket

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket

12. Nice Vase + Flowers – Simple and classic.

Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Vase

Jardin Glass Vase

Nachtmann Art Deco Vase

I hope you liked my gifts for your gymnastics coach or gymnastics teacher!

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