Gymnastics Grips Video: When You Need Them & Which to Get

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In today’s video I chat with my sister, a former Level 9 gymnast, about grips. We discuss when she first got grips, what kind of grips she got, and then we discuss the pros and cons of 4 popular grips to help you figure out which type of grip is best for you.


When do Gymnasts Need Grips?

My sister shares that she first got grips when she joined team, and that is a pretty common time for gymnasts to get grips. She shares that she started with a beginner grip, and then very quickly moved to a dowel grip when she started to do higher level circling skills.

4 Popular Grips: Which is the Best Gymnastics Grip for you ?

I discuss some of these popular grips in my grip guide, but here are some of their pros and cons.

  1. Nastia Liukin Palm Grip:

    This Nastia Liukin Palm grip is a basic beginner grip. It’s designed to lay flat against your palm and the hook & loop straps make it easy for young gymnasts to put on.

  2. Bailie Dowel Grip:

    The Bailie dowel grip is a great, popular grip. It’s thicker and more durable than Reisport grips, so if you go through grips fast then this might be the right grip for you. It also makes sense if you want to have good hand protection.

  3. Reisport Double Buckle Grip:

    The Reisport Double Buckle grip is one of the most popular dowel buckle grips. It’s flexible to allow you to have a good feel for the bar. The buckle can help the gymnast feel like the grip is more secure.

  4. Reisport Hook & Loop Grip:

    The Reisport Hook & Loop Grip is another one of the most popular dowel grips. It’s flexible to allow you to have a good feel for the bar. The hook & loop closure can be easier for gymnasts to put on.

When Should Gymnasts Order Replacement Grips?

In the video my sister and I discuss how she always waited way too long to order replacement grips. It’s best to order new grips when you notice your current grips getting slicker. Then you will have plenty of time to break them in before having to use them on your more advanced skills.

I hope you enjoyed the video above and that it was helpful in determining which type of grips are the best grips for you.

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  • Mariam October 23, 2018, 9:25 pm

    I do advanced recreational and I really need grips, but If I get grips I going to be the only one who has them and it might be a bit weird because I’m not in competitive. I also can’t do kips or giants even though I get rips almost every week or two. What should I do?

    • Ava November 28, 2018, 2:15 am

      Talk to your coach, they will know what is best and can give you some recommendations.


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