30 Day Handstand Challenge Sign-Up

30 Day Handstand Challenge

Improve your Handstand with 5 Minutes a day! 

30 days of Exercises to Improve your Body Position and How Long you can Hold your Handstand

Starting Monday September 11th 

The Monday after Labor Day! 

The FREE Challenge Kicks Off In....


During this FREE 30 Day Challenge You'll

challenge with others

Participate with Other Gymnasts

Participate with other gymnasts on social media with the #GymhqHandstands

handstand challenge workouts

Get Daily 5 Minute Mini-Workouts

Spend 5 Minutes a day to Improve your Handstand

track challenge

Track Your Progress

Track your progress on improving your body position and being able to hold your handstand longer 

This is a LIVE 30 Day Challenge! Join now to participate with other gymnasts like you!

Why should I? 

The handstand shape is everywhere in gymnastics-- on all of the events and at every level!

  • handstands on floor 
  • in handsprings on vault
  • cast handstands on bars


  • handstands on beam
  • in presses/holds on beam
  • press handstands


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