gymnastics fun pack

Gym Rat Fun Pack

Want to use the summer to improve your gymnastics? Are you bored and want some fun activities to do? 

Do you love gymnastics? Are you a gym rat that wants to spend her days at the gym? Then this printable activity pack is for you!

The Gym Rat Fun Pack is an activity pack with pages of games, challenges, coloring pages, crafts and goal sheets to occupy your time. 

What's Inside

GymnasticsHQ's Gym Rat Fun Pack has hours worth of fun gymnastics activities that you can download instantly.

motivational quote gymnastics coloring page

Quote Coloring Pages that will inspire Motivation 

Several motiviational quote coloring pages that you can display in your room, or on the cover of your binder to show your dedication to gymnastics. 

gymnastics goal sheet

Worksheets to Set Goals and Help You Learn New Skills

Set goals and chart your progress on learning new skills with the Goal Sheet and the New Skill Worksheet. 

gymnastics bookmarks


Gymnastics crafts where you can show-off your artistic skills and make your own custom items! 


gymnastics challenge


Challenge yourself to put the power of repetition to work this summer, and become the best gymnast you can be! 

gymnastics coloring page

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages that you can color, decorate and display for your friends!

gymnast games

Games to Play and Have Fun

Gymnastics games you can play with your friends when you are together. 

matching game

I printed out the templates, cut them up and glued them on index cards cut in half. 

Bonus # 1- 3 Printable Concentration Games 

Buy the Gym Rat Fun Pack and get 3 printable Concentration Games! Get the ready to go templates-- just print them, and cut them out. 

3 Bonus Concentration Games:

  • Gymnast Matching (Easy)
  • Gymnastics Positions (Medium)
  • Name that Skill (Hard)
activities checklist

Bonus #2 : 20 Activities You Can Do Today to Improve Your Gymnastics Skills Checklist

Activities that will 

  • entertain you
  • help to strengthen your muscles
  • help to improve your overall physical fitness
  • motivate you
  • practice gymnastics skills and shapes

gymnastics fun pack

Gym Rat Fun Pack with 2 Free Bonuses 

You Get:

  • Activity Pack with hours worth of challenges, coloring pages, games, motivational worksheets
  • 3 Printable Concentration Games
  • Checklist of 20 Activities You Can Do Today to Improve Your Gymnastics Skills

Just imagine how much fun you will be having in the next few weeks!