Beat the Quarantine Challenge with SkillTrakker

Give your gymnast the chance to join over 1000 other gymnasts in our online Gymnastics Community so she can maintain her skills while she's stuck at home.

Is your gymnast bummed that her gym is closed?

Are you trying to figure out how to help her keep up with her gymnastics while the world is under quarantine?

We've got the perfect solution!

Sign Her Up For Our SkillTrakker Beat The Quarantine

April Challenge

SkillTrakker is an online community of over 1000 gymnasts who do daily challenges to improve and keep up with their gymnastics at home.

Each day gymnasts log in to SkillTrakker website and check off when they've completed the 3 challenges for the day. Plus, they have a list of monthly challenges they can complete at any time during the month.

These challenges, which include different skill and conditioning drills, are designed to help gymnasts get better at gymnastics. And in a case like this where gymnasts can't get to their gym, it's the perfect way for your gymnast to maintain her skills while she's stuck at home.

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So How Exactly Does This Challenge Work? 

SkillTrakker for Gymnasts

STEP 1: You'll Sign up your gymnast for SkillTrakker 

At only $7 per month, it's the best purchase you'll ever make. Let your gymnast join a community of other gymnasts all working towards a common goal.

software track gymnastics skills

STEP 2: She'll Login & Start Completing the Daily Challenges

You'll get an email with instructions on how to create your account. Then you can have her login and start completing the daily challenges.

SkillTrakker testimonials

STEP 3: She'll get a chance to earn a prize after she completes all the exercises*

With fun weekly challenges *your gymnast just might win something! And if not, she'll still maintain her gymnastics skills while stuck at home and have fun doing it.

This challenge has ended. But you can still join our current SkillTrakker Challenge!

What exactly are we going to do in the Beat The Quarantine challenge?

We know gymnasts can't get to the gym to do their regular workouts. But we also know there are some valuable skill and conditioning drills that will keep her in shape so that she isn't behind when it's time to go back to her gym.

So this month we are focusing on gymnastics conditioning drills and basic gymnastics skills that will help your gymnast maintain her skills and even improve her form while the world is under quarantine.

We all know how easily your gymnast can skip out on doing the drills that she should be doing every day or she might not even know what she should be focusing on at home. That's why we're making it super simple for her. She'll do the daily drills made extra fun by including weekly challenges that can motivate her to complete them every day. Plus, she'll be able to track her progress and see how much she's improved.

I'm ready to give my gymnast something fun to do at home! Let me sign her up now for ONLY $7!

More Questions? We've Got Answers

Is this a LIVE challenge?

Yes! You'll be completing daily challenges on the same day as the other participants in the challenge. You'll be able to track your progress and see where you stand on the Leaderboard. It's a great way to stay motivated and have a little friendly virtual competition with other gymnasts working on the same goal as you.

What exactly IS SkillTrakker? I can't really tell. 

First and foremost, SkillTrakker is an online community of other gymnasts who are working on mastering different gymnastics skills. In SkillTrakker you can keep track of the different skills you're learning on each event and watch the progess you're making. You can even download certificates as you master each skill!

You also earn points for completing daily challenges and with enough accumulated points you can win prizes in the SkillTrakker Store.

In the daily feed you can see what other gymnasts are learning and cheer them on through comments and high fives.

Basically, SkillTrakker is a really cool way to practice your gymnastics skills while staying motivated and belonging to a community of other cool gymnasts like yourself!

We also have a SkillTrakker Forum within our SkillTrakker tool. You'll be able to talk to other gymnasts about topics related to gymnastics! It's super fun!

How long is this Beat The Quarantine challenge?

This challenge runs for the whole month of April. But after it ends you can continue to subscribe to SkillTrakker to enjoy our next monthly challenge. Our themes change monthly and have included things like confidence, better turns, better leaps, creating habits, and positive growth mindset.

Does it cost money to join the Beat the Quarantine Challenge?

Yes, in order to participate in the SkillTrakker Challenge you must be signed up for SkillTrakker which costs $7 per month (*please note: SkillTrakker is a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time). We have deliberately kept the cost of the subscription low so that as many gymnasts as possible can take advantage of our community.

What happens after the challenge is over?

After the challenge is over you can continue to participate in SkillTrakker monthly (for $7/month) to see even better results. The Leaderboard gets cleared at the beginning of every month and you'll still earn points towards prizes in the SkillTrakker store. Most challengers find that their skills really see improvement after three to six months of consistent effort with SkillTrakker.

I have a question but you didn't answer it here.

If you have a question we didn't answer or you're confused about something, feel free to contact us at We want to make sure you feel confident that you're joining a community you'll love and will benefit from!

The Beat The Quarantine Challenge has ended but sign me up for the next challenge in SkillTrakker!

We're CONFIDENT you'll love our SkillTrakker Challenge. But don't take our word for it. Hear what former participants had to say about our past challenges.

SkillTrakker testimonial

"That beam challenge last month helped me so much!!! I increased my score from a 9.2 to a 9.475. I was so happy with this routine this time!!!"  

-Skye, Xcel Gold Gymnast

"Almost a year ago she participated in the handstand challenge. It taught her the power of being consistent. We (including her) were blown away by the progress made just from doing 10-15 minutes of practice everyday."  

- Patty, mom of Level 4 Gymnast 

SkillTrakker testimonial
SkillTrakker testimonials

"We love how #skilltrakker challenges allow for the girls to take charge of their home conditioning and encourage them to work hard outside of the gym to reach their goals!"  

-Kim, mom of an Xcel Platinum and a Level 2 gymnast

In fact, We're SO certain you'll love our challenge that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You've got nothing to lose!

I want to help you put in the hard work and consistent effort needed to improve your gymnastics skills.

If you do all the challenge exercises for 30 days, and you aren't happy with the challenge or SkillTrakker, simply email me and I will give you your money back. 

Jessica, Owner of GymnasticsHQ

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