100 Gymnastics Gift Ideas

Here are 100 gymnastic gift ideas for your favorite gymnast! Pick out the perfect gift for your gymnast, whether it’s a piece of clothing, a great motivational book, a leotard, or a gymnastics accessory. There are a couple of gift ideas for your gymnast’s family, too 🙂

You can also check out GymnasticsHQ’s 2018 Gift Guide for more gift ideas.

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gymnastics clothing gift ideas

  1. Typography TeeThis gymnast typography T-shirt makes a great gift. It has gymnastics words in the shape of a gymnast and comes in many colors.
  2. This is My Handstand Shirt: Fitted “This is My Handstand Shirt” Tee that comes in many colors!
  3. Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. Repeat Hoodie: Hooded sweatshirt with the words “Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. Repeat.” on the front. Perfect gift for the gymnast who is constantly in the gym. Comes in many colors.
  4. Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics Bag: This cinch sack that says “Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics.” is a perfect bag for your gymnast to take her gear to and from the gym. It comes in several different colors.
  5. The Sweat. The Time. The Commitment. IT PAYS OFF ShirtLet your gymnast show off how much time and effort she puts into gymnastics with this shirt! Comes in hot pink and aqua.
  6. Strength Power Heart Tank: This Strength, Power, Heart tank displays what it means to be a gymnast! This super soft flowy tank is very flattering!
  7. Warning Gymnast Could Flip at Any Moment Tee: This cute “Warning Gymnast Could Flip at Any Moment” tee comes in many different colors, and can be a nice gift for both boys and girls.
  8. Gymnastics Drawstring BagCanvas drawstring bag with the words “Gymnastics, Back Handspring, Chalk, All Around, Tumble, Flip, Stick It, Dismount, Meet” written on the front several different ways. This also would be a cute bag for a gymnast to use when going to gymnastics class.
  9. I Do Gymnastics Everywhere Tee:  This “I Do Gymnastics Everywhere” T-shirt shows your gymnast’s love for the sport and that she does gymnastics at home, at the gym and at school. It comes in different colors. gymnastics gifts accessories
  10. Grips: These Gibson grips are a great starter pair of grips. But, here is a more comprehensive guide to buying and picking out grips for your gymnast.
  11. Don’t Wish for It Work for It Grip Bag: Every gymnast needs a grip bag to hold her grips, tape, prewrap, grip brush and any other miscellaneous items. This bag lets her do that while showing off how hard she works!
  12. Gymnastics Hair Ties: No crease gymnastics hair ties in 7 different colors.
  13. Ript Skin Systems 3 Phase Hand Care Kit: This hand care kit is made specifically for gymnasts (and cross-fitters) who work out really hard on bars. It includes a pumice to shape and smooth calluses, a daily dose hand balm to hydrate calluses and prevent tears, and then a post rip quick-fix balm to seal off rips once they happen.
  14. Wristbands: If your gymnast has a beginner grip, then these 3.5 inch wristbands will work. If she has a dowel grip, she will need longer 4-6 inch wristbands. I love these neon colors!
  15. Good Luck Zipper Pull: A good luck gymnastics zipper pull that your gymnast can put on her gym bag.
  16. Athletic TapeStocking stuffer to go with the prewrap. Every gymnast needs some tape in her grip bag.
  17. Gymnastics Phone Grip: These phone grips are super popular! And this one is very glittery and comes in two colors!
  18. Hard Work, Pays Off Xband: Xbands keep your grips securely on your wrists, and this Hard Work, Pays Off Set does that while letting your gymnast show her dedication and commitment to gymnastics!
  19. Prewrap: Prewrap and tape make great stocking stuffers. Gymnasts use pre-wrap under athletic tape when taping up their hands after a rip, or underneath their grips. Rainbow colored can be fun, or here is some neutral colored prewrap for meets.
  20. Personalized Gymnast Water Bottle: I love this as a personalized gymnastics gift! Put your gymnast’s name on a water bottle in her favorite color. home gymnastics equipment gift
  21. Cartwheel Training Mat/Beam Training Mat: A cartwheel training mat is a good option for a young gymnast (2-5 years old). The hand and feet placements help gymnasts learn a cartwheel. It can help teach or perfect a cartwheel but can also double as a mat to practice rolls and handstands on. The other side of this cartwheel training mat has an image of a beam on it, and can be used to practice balance.
  22. Mini Bar: A mini bar is a unique but fun home gymnastics equipment gift. The mini bar linked is the Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Pro Bar. This is a mini bar that will grow with your gymnast. Some of the slightly less-expensive mini bars are nice, but aren’t sturdy enough for your gymnast to do back hip circles. This bar is much sturdier and allows gymnasts to do more skills, including kips and casts. This bar is great for older gymnasts too.
  23. Sectional Beam: You can either buy one unit or buy multiple and connect them to make a longer at home beam. These sit flat on the floor.
  24. Folding Beam: Folding beams are great because unfolded they are as long as a normal, regulation beam, but they can fold up to a much smaller size for storage. This folding beam has the same padded, suede feel as competition beams.
  25. Panel Mat: Panel mats are a must have to start practicing basic gymnastics skills at home. This simple, versatile mat will let your gymnast practice many types of skills, and she will continue to be able to use it as she advances.
  26. Pull-Up Bar: A pull-up bar is great for a beginner or advanced team gymnast. It’s one of the least expensive pieces of home gymnastics equipment that you can buy, that will really allow the gymnast to get stronger and better at home. It’s great for building upper body strength and doing at-home conditioning.
  27. 8′ Suede Low Beam: A suede low beam is a perfect at home learning tool to practice beginner balance beam skills. If you want a sturdy low beam that is slightly raised from the floor, this is a perfect beam for you. It has the same competition feel, and allows gymnasts to practice a little bit off of the floor.
    Gymnastics Leotards, www.gymnasticshq.com
  28. Super Gurrl Leotard: This super hero leotard is perfect for the gymnast who wants to show off her super powers.
  29. Mmm Donuts Leotard: This leotard is on trend with the donuts theme that’s been swirling around.
  30. Bath Bomb Leotard: The picture doesn’t do this pastel colored with gold accents leotard justice. Super cute.
  31. Triple Scoop Leotard: Everyone loves ice cream! This colorful leotard is super fun and will get everyone talking.
  32. Stardust Leotard: This leotard has little stardust accents that is perfect for the gymnast who loves fairy tales.
  33. Glam Girl Leotard: This sparkly pink leotard is perfect for the gymnast who wants a little glam.
  34. Mystical Unicorn Leotard: These mystical unicorns will remind your gymnast of her magical powers.
  35. Empowering Girls of the World Leotard: This leotard is filled with empowering words to get your gymnast inspired.
  36. Ultra Soft Retro Squares Leotard: This leotard is made of super soft material that feels so good to wear!
  37. Razzleberry Biketard: Here is a basic gymnastics unitard. Perfect for gymnasts who want an all-in one leotard/shorts combination. gymnastics gifts workout gear headbands
  38. Sparkle Waistband Hipster Short: Gymnastics shorts with a sparkle waistband. Super-comfortable shorts for wearing over your leotard.
  39. Compression Shorts: Nike Pro 2.5″ Compression shorts come in many colors and are great for a gymnast’s workout.
  40. Mini HeadbandsThese Under Armour Mini headbands are so popular and help to keep stray hairs out of your face.
  41. Nike Headbands: These Nike headbands will definitely keep your hair out of your gymnast’s eyes during practice.
  42. Printed Nike Pro Training ShortsNike pro shorts with a fun print. Make a great gift for your older gymnast!
  43. Gymnastics Trucker HatIf your gymnast wants a trucker hat for a gift, then look no further! This hat comes in several colors with a heart and the word “gymnastics” on the front.
  44. LeggingsThese Under Armour leggings are great for going to and from the gym in the cold, and for wearing during warm-ups. They come in several different colors.
  45. Lizatards Space Dye Gymnast Jacket: This slim fit jacket will be perfect for your young gymnast! It has hip thumb holes on the sleeves to keep it from riding up.
  46. Sports Bra: This Nike Pro Compression sports bra makes a great gift for older gymnasts that wear sports bras every day to practice. It comes in several different colors.gymnastics gifts books
  47. Courage to Soar by Simone Biles: The story of Simone Biles, the insanely-talented, hard-working, four-time Olympic gold medalist. She tells you the story of her beginnings in foster care, all the way to making the Olympic team.
  48. GymnasticsHQ’s Skill Progression Checklists: Help your gymnast reach her goals, improve her skills and advance to the next level with skill progression checklists.
  49. I Got This: To Gold and Beyond by Laurie Hernandez: Laurie Hernandez’s autobiography tells the story of her road to the Olympics, starting out as a Latina Jersey girl.
  50. Yoga for GymnastsA comprehensive book explaining yoga and its benefits for gymnasts. It has over 80 poses gymnasts can practice!
  51. Fierce by Aly Raisman: Aly Raisman’s story of perseverance that led her to success at two Olympic games.
  52. The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson: A young adult novel inspired by Shawn Johnson’s experiences as an elite teenage gymnast.
    gifts for gymnasts posters
  53. Gymnastics Inspirational PosterThis cute inspirational gymnastics poster would make a great gift for your tween gymnast.
  54. Final Five Women’s USA Gymnastics Olympic Team PosterPoster for your gymnast’s room of Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez and Ali Raisman.
  55. Dream PosterThis poster with a gymnast on the beam says “Dreams are the footprints to success.”
  56. Nadia Comaneci Poster: I love this vintage-style poster with Nadia Comaneci, the first gymnast to score a perfect score at the Olympics, tumbling on beam.
  57. Goals PosterA great motivational poster this one says “To reach your goals, you must grab on with both hands.”
  58. Personalized Gymnast Typography Print: This handmade gymnastics typography print can be personalized with your gymnast’s name for a great gift! There are many different color choices.gymnastics gifts tshirts
  59. Gym Rat Tank: Flowy racerback black tank with “Gym Rat” written in pink and white glitter
  60. Live, Love, Gymnastics T-ShirtCute T-shirt for little gymnasts, with “live love gymnastics” on the front along with a monkey.
  61. Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics. TankFitted tank by Chalktalk Sports with the words “Eat. Sleep. Gymnastics.” to show your gymnast’s pride at working hard at the sport. It comes in several different colors.
  62. Fierce T-Shirt: This super-soft vintage faded T-shirt shows your gymnast’s fierce, determined attitude.
  63. American Flag Gymnast T-ShirtThis American flag gymnast T-shirt is the first thing I ordered from ChalkTalkSports and I love it. It’s super soft and will be great for your gymnast to wear to school or the gym.
  64. Gymnast T-ShirtGymnast typography T-shirt with words in the shape of a gymnast. Comes in several colors.
  65. Heart Tank: Flowy racerback tank with gymnasts in the shape of a heart with the words ” love gymnastics” at the bottom. I love the way the flowy racerback tanks fit.
  66. Chalk Hair Don’t Care TankThis “Chalk Hair Don’t Care” tank will make a great gift for your gymnast, and she will love showing her sass!
  67. Got Chalk? T-Shirt: This “Got Chalk?” T-shirt is great for your gymnast who is in the gym all day. It comes in several different colors.
  68. If it was Easy Tee: Help your gymnast show her girl pride with the “If it was easy more boys would do it” T-shirt
    gymnastics gifts room decor
  69. Gymnast Medal Holder: A gymnast medal holder that comes in 4 colors: black, green, pink and red.
  70. I Love Gymnastics Wall MuralLet your gymnast express herself with this “I love gymnastics” wall decal.
  71. Gymnast Personalized with NameThis wall decal can be personalized with your gymnast’s name.
  72. Gabby Douglas Wall Quote: “Hard days are the best because that’s when CHAMPIONS are made” inspirational wall quote by Gabby Douglas.
  73. Gymnastics Polka Dot Medal Rack: Proudly display all your gymnastics medals with this medal rack.
  74. Gymnast Personalized GemlightThis is a glass box filled with sparkle mesh and lights that can be personalized with your name and colors.
  75. Gymnastics Zone Sign: This small gymnastics zone sign would also make a good stocking stuffer.
  76.  If you Don’t Leap: Motivate your gymnast with this “If you don’t leap you’ll never know what it’s like to fly” wall decal. gymnastics gifts jewelry
  77. Gymnast Bag TagThis handmade gymnast bag tag can be personalized with your gymnast’s name and with her team colors for a perfect gymnast gift. This is especially helpful if all of your gymnast’s teammates have the same bag.
  78. Gymnastics Heart Necklace: This gymnastics heart necklace is such a pretty gift idea!
  79.  Personalized Gymnastics Birthstone NecklaceGymnast charm necklace can be personalized with a name and birthstone.
  80. Silvertone Gymnast NecklacesThese two necklaces have a gymnast flipping and landing with clear stones.
  81. Love Gymnastics Bracelet: This love gymnastics infinity bracelet is a great gift for your tween gymnast.
  82. Gymnast Bottlecap Necklaces: These gymnastics bottle cap necklaces make a great gift for younger gymnasts.
    gymnastics gifts for young gymnasts
  83. Barbie Gymnastics Coach Dolls & Playset: This Barbie gymnastics coach playset comes with the Barbie gymnastics coach, a student and equipment.
  84. Gymnastics Scrapbook Set: This scrapbook set has gymnastics-themed paper and stickers. Perfect gift for your creative gymnast!
  85. Gymnastics Stickers: Gymnastics stickers that your gymnast can use in her scrapbook or to decorate her crafts.
  86. Dazzler Ribbon: Ribbon to play rhythmic gymnast with!
  87. Fantastic Gymnastics GameThis gymnastics game is perfect for keeping your kids entertained, while teaching them some physics principles! The goal of the game is to get the gymnast to do giants and land on their feet.
  88. Gymnastics Doll Leotard & Scrunchie: Doll leotards are all the rage this year! Get matching leotards for your young gymnast and her doll! A great gift for your young gymnast.
  89. American Girl Doll Leotard: This doll leotard that will fit an American Girl doll comes with a gymnastics tumbling mat for her to practice her gymnastics skills! gymnastics phone cases gift ideas
  90. I Am A Gymnast iPhone Case“I Am A Gymnast” phone case with a gymnast on the front — what a great gift to motivate and empower your gymnast. Works with 6, 6s, 7 and 8.
  91. Sunset Gymnast iPhone Case: This fashionable gymnast phone case is a great gift for your dedicated gymnast — and it’s durable so will help keep her phone protected.
  92. Personalized Gymnast Case: This gymnastics phone case can be personalized for a memorable gift.
  93. Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics Ipod/Iphone case: Shiny aluminum Keep Calm and Do Gymnastics case that comes in 8 different colors and can be personalized with your name! Great gift for the older gymnast!
  94. Less Talk More Chalk iPhone Case: This sleek and lightweight phone case is perfect for your gymnast who wants to show off her gymnastics pride. Works with 6/6S/6 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8 and X.
  95. Eat Sleep Breathe Gymnastics iPhone CaseShowcase your love of gymnastics with this stylish phone case. gymnastics gifts for mom and dad
  96. Gymnastics Mom SweatshirtThis sweatshirt will be perfect for mom to wear to meets.
  97. My Favorite Gymnastics Star Calls Me Dad TeeThis great gift for dad comes in many colors.
  98. Gymnastics Mom T-Shirt: This Gymnastics Mom faded vintage-style T-shirt will be great to wear to meets to show your gym pride!
  99. Gymnastics Mom Car DecalLet your mom show how proud she is of you with this Gymnastics Mom car decal.
  100. Stadium Seat: Stadium seats are great for those long gymnastics meets in the bleachers! They make such a difference.
  101. Got chalk Car DecalCute and funny way to show your love for gymnastics!

Now that you’ve seen all these gift ideas, still want to see more? Check out 2017’s Best Gymnastics Gifts.

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