What Should My Child Wear to Gymnastics Class?

wear to gymnastics class

You might be wondering:

What to wear to gymnastics class?


Boys and girls wear different things to gymnastics classes.

What should girls wear to gymnastics class?

A leotard.

The “proper” gymnastics attire for girls is a leotard, and most girls in the gym will be wearing them. You can buy leotards online, at a local specialty gymnastics or dance store or sometimes retailers like Target and Wal-Mart have them. Head over here for where to buy leotards online, and for helpful buying tips. Leotards are great because they won’t catch on anything and they let your gymnast have a full range of movement. Younger gymnasts are usually fine with just wearing a leotard.

Older gymnasts usually like to wear shorts on top.

gymnast shorts


Girls can wear leotards by themselves, with a pair of biker shorts on top or with
a pair of elastic-waistband shorts like these on top. Wearing shorts on top can help any gymnast that feels self-conscious about the leotard moving around during class.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on a leotard for class, girls can always wear a t-shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers or snaps.

What should boys wear to gymnastics class?

Boys should wear basically the same thing as above to gymnastics class—a t-shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers or snaps.

Other Things to Think About

  • Bare Feet: All gymnasts should practice barefoot. Wearing socks could cause slips or falls.
  • Glasses: If your gymnast wears glasses you want to make sure they won’t fall off. Some glasses are made for sports. Other glasses you can secure with a band like this.
  • Hair: Girls or boys with long hair should pull their hair back in a pony tail, bun or braid to keep their hair from getting in their eyes. Having hair fall in their eyes is a safety hazard when it affects their vision. (If you want to get creative with putting your hair up–check out my pinterest board for inspiration!)

I hope this helps clear up any questions you might have about what your child should wear to gymnastics class. For some specific gymnastics gear I love check out the gym rat clothes I’m loving now : )

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  • Jamaly rios November 23, 2013, 6:58 am

    My daughter starts today. She is only 5 yrs old and I have the least bit of idea what she should wear.

  • Jamaly rios November 23, 2013, 7:00 am

    My daughter starts today. She is only 5 yrs old and I have the least bit of idea what she should wear. I know the instructor said a leotard, but I also got a lilitard.

  • MaicKaila Maceintire June 17, 2014, 4:02 pm

    Where a leo or a t shirt and shirt or yoga Capri pants


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