Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements

level 6 gymnastics

Payton Snodgrass Level 6 State Champ

To compete in level 6 gymnastics a gymnast must be able to do the following skills on each of the four events.

In addition to the skills listed below, level 6 routines must each have 5 “A” skills and 1 “B” skills. In gymnastics each skill has a value, A’s are the easiest all the way up to E’s which are the hardest. So when the choreographer is choreographing the routine, he or she will need to make sure to add the right amount of skills and difficulty.

I’ve starred the skills that are generally the hardest for gymnasts to learn and most often prohibit a gymnast from moving on to level 6.

Would you like a printable Level 6 Gymnastics Skills Checklist ? Click Here to Download

For an overview of the optional requirements you can check out this cheat sheet from the USA Gymnastics website.

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

  • front handspring

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Bars

  • cast to minimum of horizontal
  • 1 bar change
  • one element that is one of the following: underswing, clear hip circle, stalder circle or hecht
  • min “A” dismount

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

  • 1 acro element that starts and finishes on the beam
  • 1 leap or jump requiring 180 degree split
  • 360 degree turn on one foot
  • min of “A” dismount”

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • 1 Acro Series with a minimum of 3 directly connected flight elements with or without hand support
  • 1 Salto or Aerial acro element
  • Dance passage with minimum of 2 different leaps, jumps, hops- 1 must be a 180 degree split
  • 360 degree turn on one foot

Once a gymnast can perform routines that meet all these level 6 requirements, and she has passed out of level 5, she may compete in a level 6 meet. After successfully completing level 6, she can move on to level 7.

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