Gymnastics Skills List: Bars

Here is a list of bars gymnastics skills. It’s not a comprehensive list. But I’ve tried to list the most commonly learned bar skills in the order that most gymnasts learn them. I hope this is a good starting point for you.

Want a printable Uneven Bars Gymnastics Skills List? Click Here to Download



  • Cast
  • Single Leg Cut
  • Squat on- jump to high bar
  • Cast to Handstand
  • Long Hang Kip
  • Uprise

Circling Elements

  • Back Hip Circle
  • Front Hip Circle
  • Mill Circle
  • Clear Hip Circle
  • Backward Sole Circle
  • Back Stalder Circle
  • Front Stalder Circle
  • Back Giant


  • Underswing
  • Sole Circle Dismount
  • Flyaway Tucked
  • Flyaway Piked
  • Flyaway Stretched
  • Flyaway Tuck 1/2

Here are gymnastics skills lists for Floor and Beam.


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