Having Fun

When putting together this years gymnastics gift guide, I wanted to keep in mind the results of the recent GymnasticsHQ survey. More than half of the respondents wanted to know more about practicing gymnastics at home. So this year there is a larger expanded section of gifts for practicing at home. There are also gymnastics stocking… Read More →

Last year I put together a list of Halloween Costume Ideas using gymnastics leotards. This year GymnasticsHQ is having a contest to see who has the best leotard Halloween costume. You can use my ideas, or come up with your own. The deadline for entry is November 2nd at midnight. The winner will receive a… Read More →

Are you interested in learning how to do a cartwheel? But: you aren't sure where to start? You can learn a cartwheel in one day, but you will first need to start with a baby cartwheel. And then work on perfecting it. In the cartwheel below she kicks around the side and does a baby cartwheel… Read More →

Gymnastics Party Goody Bag Ideas

Here are some ideas for a gymnastics party favors bag or "goody bag". These could also be used as gymnastics meet good luck gifts. The Makeup Bag gift bag idea is great because everyone at the birthday party doesn't have to be gymnasts. All girls will appreciate the stuff in this goody bag. Pencil Case Makeup… Read More →

History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics has existed for more than 2,000 years, but has evolved heavily over time.  I'd like to take you through the history of gymnastics. The way it looks today is very different from how gymnastics started out. Gymnastics started as ancient civilizations doing strength and acrobatic exercises. The word gymnastics comes from the Greek words "gymnos" and… Read More →