Gymnastics for Parents

Home gymnastics equipment is great for helping both beginner and advanced gymnasts improve by practicing at home. Practicing at home can help your child improve faster thanks to the power of repetition--without spending extra money for more time in the gym. It’s also a great way for your gymnast to show you the skills they are learning in class… Read More →

The Xcel Program is a national USA Gymnastics program of gymnastics levels that runs alongside the Junior Olympic (JO) program. The Xcel program is a completely separate, alternate program.  I was talking to a gymnastics mom last week that wanted my help deciding whether her gymnast should compete in the Xcel program or switch to a gym that… Read More →

Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling, Crossfit, Cheerleading, Acro, and the list goes on... What is the difference inall these programs? And which one do I want? You may be searching on the Gymnastics Gym Directory and wondering what programs you want! It can be confusing also when you see things like the Xcel Program, and… Read More →

Gifts for Gym Coach

Here is a guide to gifts for your gymnastics coach--just a friendly reminder not to forget about the coaches this Christmas season :) Since a gymnast's coaches are such a huge part of a gymnast's success, we should definitely show them some extra appreciation during the holiday season.  Many gyms will have some type of… Read More →

Hosting a gymnastics party? With the 2016 Olympics coming up in Rio, you might be interested in throwing an Olympic Gymnastics Party. If not, here is a list of 20 other gymnastics party ideas: some gymnastics activities, crafts and other party ideas. Also, head over here for some gymnastics party goody bag ideas. If you are… Read More →