For Gymnasts

Are you wondering how gymnastics routines are scored at the Olympics? FIG Gymnastics rules are used, as opposed to the Junior Olympic (JO) rules used in scoring gymnastics levels 1-10. FIG stands for Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique and is the international governing body of professional gymnastics. Scoring at the Olympics is slightly different than JO scoring… Read More →

I get emails every day asking me to write about how to get over a gymnastic mental block. It's not an easy question to answer. Every gymnast is different, and I never, ever want to encourage a gymnast to do a skill that she might not be able to do safely. But, I know mental… Read More →

When putting together this years gymnastics gift guide, I wanted to keep in mind the results of the recent GymnasticsHQ survey. More than half of the respondents wanted to know more about practicing gymnastics at home. So this year there is a larger expanded section of gifts for practicing at home. There are also gymnastics stocking… Read More →